This is a new initiative by AspireIAS in which we will be updating current affairs relevant specifically for Prelims GS Paper-1.

India and US view each other as important strategic partners to advance common interests regionally and globally. Both the countries are known to have strong trade relations even in the past. Bilateral trade between India and U.S. in goods and services is 2% of U.S. world trade, and has been increasing in recent years. On the other hand, US has been the second largest export market for India, having a share of 16% of total exports from India in 2017. Thus, US-India bilateral trade is highly consequential for India.

With an increasing focus on the reforms in the education sector, there has been a discussion on the various aspects of education, including technology. Technology is known to have improved the quality of life for many people but the same technology is a double-edged sword. If not utilized carefully and in harmony with the human resource, it can have a deteriorating impact, as is seen in the education sector. Better policies are, thus, needed to generate optimum results.

Having a prominent presence in the South Asian region, India has always been conscious of its role it can play in the regional polity. Since its independence, India has paid great emphasis on maintaining good ties with the neighbouring countries.

GDP is the sum total of the value of the goods and services that are produced in an economy in a year. It is an important indicator of the economic health of a country. It is an economic indicator based on the computation of the production data in the country. The growth rate over the years is used to determine the trend of economic growth, thus accurate estimation of GDP growth gives us a clear picture of the outcome that is generated over the year.

To enhance the capabilities of the armed forces to fight wars in space, the Cabinet Committee on Security has approved the setting up of a new agency which will develop sophisticated weapon systems and technologies. The government cleared the setting up of the Defence Space Research Agency (DSRO) which will be entrusted with the task of creating space warfare weapon systems and technologies.