Context: What yoga can teach us (Crux of the article is also covered). The human persona comprises of a body, a mind, an intellect, and a soul. Yoga – an attempt to harmonise all of them. It helps a person attain a healthy body, a sharp intellect, and a focused mind that can realise the unity between personal consciousness, and the universal or cosmic consciousness.

22 June 2019

Make in India in Defence

By Aspire IAS

Context - The Hindu: Navy to build 6 submarines (Crux of the article is also covered). 2013 saw an unprecedented decrease in India's growth, falling to its lowest level in a decade. What India experienced back then was a major economic setback but with a strong resolve to bring back the economic growth on track and re-structure the industrial sector, attention was focussed on to the manufacturing sector in India, amongst other sectors.

This is an overview of the most important topics covered by The Hindu and The Indian Express on 22nd June 2019 along with the links for the relevant topics