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How to make Notes from Newspaper

By Aspire IAS

Posted on : 29 June, 2020 09:05

 Reading newspapers is extremely crucial part of preparation
 for UPSC examination. Daily News analysis has huge weightage
 in the UPSC Prelims cum Mains syllabus .We all read newspapers, but we seldom make notes out of it.
 It is always best to revise from the notes which we make  rather
 than depending on the  Current affairs material  of different  IAS coaching institutes.This article mainly deals on how to make notes from the newspapers and other Government
websites as part of our daily news analysis for UPSC.

Recommended Newspapers for IAS Aspirants

1.The Hindu
2. The Indian Express  


  • It is pragmatic to be well versed in the IAS exam pattern and the UPSC Syllabus before kick-starting the current affairs preparation. A beginner having less understanding of the UPSC syllabus and pattern will take substantial time to read and prepare from the newspapers. 

  • Going through the syllabus and previous years’ papers thoroughly help an aspirant to pick the right articles/issues from the newspaper(s) from the exam perspective while leaving out irrelevant ones. This way, the time spent on the Newspapers will be reduced and the aspirant would be well aware as to which articles to read and which ones to skip.

5 important Government sources for Best Daily news analysis for UPSC

  1. PIB- for Government policies,programmes and schemes.

  2. PRS- Bills and Acts

  3. Yojana- For analysis of government schemes and policies. (last 12 months magazine is important)

  4. India Year Book (latest edition) 

  5. All India Radio   



                                                            4 Notebooks to be made

  1. Pt pointers Note- It is for noting down facts from Newspapers, PIB, Yojana and India Year Book.    

  2. GS Note- Make 4 Notes for each GS paper 1,2,3,4 based on the UPSC mains syllabus. Make a gist on the important editorials. Only keywords to be written. It will be helpful for both Prelims and Mains answer writing. 

  3. Data Note- Write down the important data and figures like GDP, exports and indices.

Essay note- Note down the quotes and phrases important for Essay writing in Mains.

How to read a Newspaper in 45 minutes

  • To complete a newspaper within 1 hour, it is first

  • necessary to be well aware about the

  • UPSC prelims cum Mains syllabus. Knowledge

  • about the syllabus will help the candidate to

  • pick the important news which is relevant for the UPSC examination.

  • Ignore news like purely political news, celebrity related news, hyperlocal news, and most of the sports news.

  • Primary focus should be given to editorials, defence news, economy, constitutional amendments, Environment, Government bills and schemes, International affairs, social issues, court rulings, etc.

  • To start with the newspaper reading, you can see our free Live YouTube Daily News analysis by our Director Sir at https://youtu.be/rrdN6uagghg .

  • Download free PDFs of Daily News Analysis and Daily Editorials notes from The Hindu, Indian Express, PIB and AIR at https://www.aspireias.com/daily-news-analysis-current-affairs .

 Aspire IAS is the innovator of the Newspaper Analysis Batch in the   field of IAS preparation. The Newspaper Analysis batch of Aspire   IAS covers 70% of the GS syllabus. 

  This batch covers Daily MCQ tests, topic wise notes, Mains Answer Writing practice, Yojanas, Economic Survey of last 2 years, Budget of last 2 years and Important Current World locations.

You can join the Newspaper analysis batch at https://www.aspireias.com/upsc-online-classes

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