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08 Feb, 0023

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Ladakh’s First Biodiversity Heritage Site

GS-III : Biodiversity & Environment Conservation

Ladakh’s First Biodiversity Heritage Site

  • Under the Biological Diversity Act Yaya Tso Lake was designated as Ladakh's first biodiversity heritage site.
  • The Chumathang Panchayat, the Biodiversity Management Committee, and SECURE Himalaya Project have decided to designate Yaya Tso as the first Biological Diversity Act-designated Biodiversity Heritage Site (BHS) in Ladakh.


  • Yaya Tso, which is situated at an elevation of 4,820 metres and is referred to as a "birds' paradise," has a lovely lake.
  • Many different birds and animals, including the brahmin duck, black-necked crane, and bar-headed goose, use Yaya Tso as a nesting site.
  • Additionally, it is one of the highest black-necked crane breeding locations in India.

About Biodiversity Heritage Sites (BHS):

  • These are distinct, ecologically vulnerable habitats with a wealth of biodiversity.
  • In accordance with Section 37 of the Biological Diversity Act of 2002, the Indian State Government may notify the Biodiversity Heritage Sites after consulting with regional governing authorities.
  • There are currently 36 Biodiversity Heritage Sites in India, scattered over a number of states. The Mahendragiri hill Biodiversity Heritage Site in Odisha was the most recent addition.

What is the Secure Himalaya project?

  • It is a part of the “Global Partnership on Wildlife Conservation and Crime Prevention for Sustainable Development” (Global Wildlife Program) funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF).
  • The goal of the project is to ensure the survival of globally significant wildlife and their habitats by promoting sustainable management of alpine pastures and forests in the high-range Himalayan ecosystems.
  • By creating and executing a landscape-based approach for Himalayan ecosystems, helps the government's efforts to conserve the snow leopard and its habitat and handles important concerns such as habitat degradation, threatened livelihoods, and illicit wildlife trade.
  • It was launched in 2017.

Source: Livemint

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