20 June, 2019

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19 June,2019
Daily News Update for 19th June 2019

Daily News Updates for 19th June 2019   From the columns of The Hindu   BJP MP from Rajasthan, Om Birla is elected as the 17th Speaker of Lok Sabha A Joint Monitoring Program report (on drinking water) is released by UNICEF and WHO Delhi zoo has written to Thailand

18 June,2019
Manual Scavenging in India

The CRUX: Issue: Death of sanitation workers after inhaling toxic fumes while cleaning septic tanks. Again, a demand rose for machines instead of manual cleaning of sewer lines and septic tanks. Manual Scavenging in India Who is a manual scavenger? According to the Prohibition of Em

GM Crops

The CRUX: GM crop – Bt Brinjal grown in Haryana illegally. Bt Brinjal is an insect resistant crop. Facts: No evidence from Ministry of Agriculture that Bt Brinjal will benefit farmers. A report by National Institute of Agricultural Economics and Policy, anticipates that if

India to host UNCCD Meet - About UNCCD and Land Degradation Neutrality

The CRUX: For the first time, India will host the Conference of Parties of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) Ahead of the COP-14, Union Environment Minister launched a flagship project, part of a larger international initiative called the Bonn challenge &ndas

Unleashing the potential of Urban India

The CRUX: According to Global Metro Monitor 2018, 36% employment growth and 67% GDP growth were contributed by the 300 largest global metros, with those in emerging economies outperforming those in advanced economies. Metropolitan areas are characterised by concentration and

PT 2020 Special: 18th June 2019

Conceptual: Cyberchondria   Heat, rain delay leave rice growers worried Growing conditions for rice: Temperature: 20°C and 35°C Rainfall: Well-distributed rainfall of about 100 cm Climate: Warm,and humid climate Soil: Clay loams are most suited (eg. –

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