PT 2020 Special: 18th June 2019

By Aspire IAS

18 June 2019

This is a new initiative by AspireIAS in which we will update current affairs, specifically relevant for Prelims GS Paper-1

Coastal Erosion

By Aspire IAS

14 June 2019

India has a long coastline of 7,516.6 km giving it a large coastal area. Due to high polulation growth, increasing maritime trade and enormous pace of developmental activities, the settlements and associated infrastructure is moving closer to the seas.

PT 2020 Special

By Aspire IAS

14 June 2019

This is a new initiative by AspireIAS in which we will be updating current affairs relevant specifically for Prelims GS Paper-1.

The poor are left to themselves

By Aspire IAS

29 September 2018

In a recent judgement by the Supreme Court of India, four out of five judges on a Constitution Bench ruled that the law enabling the implementation of the unique identification programme (Aadhar) does not violate the right to privacy of citizens.

Finance Minister launches Financial Inclusion Index, Jan Dhan Darshak app

By Aspire IAS

27 September 2018

The annual index will be released by the Department of Financial Services (DFS) under the Ministry of Finance by the end of this year and it would rate states on their performance on last-mile banking services availability.

Union Cabinet approves National Digital Communications Policy-2018

By Aspire IAS

26 September 2018

The Union Cabinet has approved the National Digital Communications Policy-2018 (NDCP-2018) and re-designation of the Telecom Commission as the “Digital Communications Commission”.

Multidimensional Poverty Index 2018

By Aspire IAS

23 September 2018

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI) have released the 2018 Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI).

First Tribal circuit project under Swadesh Darshan Scheme inaugurated in chhattisgarh

By Aspire IAS

15 September 2018

Union Ministry of Tourism has inaugurated India’s first tribal circuit project connecting 13 tourism sites in Chhattisgarh under Swadesh Darshan Scheme. The circuit connects Jashpur, Kunkuri, Mainpat, Kamleshpur, Maheshpur, Kurdar, Sarodadadar, Gangrel, Kondagaon, Nathiya Nawagaon, Jagdalpur, Chitrakoot, and Tirthgarh in Chhattisgarh.

Education Ecosystem

By Aspire IAS

12 September 2018

Education system in India hardly played any role in moulding the child prodigy and this was also rather the case with Manjul Bhargava (Fields medal 2014).

IMA moots ethics code overhaul:

By Aspire IAS

08 September 2018

Big private hospitals are constantly promoting their set ups through advertisements in all mediums. How will individual doctors, especially those who have just begun practice, survive such competition. so, IMA suggested that Individual doctors may be allowed to publicise their practice.

Ending tuberculosis (TB)

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07 September 2018

After decades spent battling the scourge of tuberculosis (TB) in developing countries, 2018 might be the year that it is finally accorded the dignity it deserves.

For a shift Gear

By Aspire IAS

03 September 2018

India is prone to disasters. About 70% of its coastal areas are prone to tsunamis and cyclones, about 60% of its landmass vulnerable to earthquakes, and 12% of its land to floods.

Deep sociability

By Aspire IAS

02 September 2018

We live in dark times, perhaps among the darkest in memory. Not a single day passes without news of rape or lynching’s, treacherous lies, vitriolic rumors, venomous threats, fearmongering, hatred and violence.

Inland Waterways Authority of India:

By Aspire IAS

01 September 2018

Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) has made public 13 standardised state-of-the-art ship designs suitable for large barge haulage on river Ganga (National Waterway-1).


By Aspire IAS

30 August 2018

Government of Kerala launched Kudumbashree in 1998, to wipe out absolute poverty fro state through concerned community action under the leadership of local self-government.

Accepting help

By Aspire IAS

24 August 2018

Various governments have made specific offers to Kerala, from about Rs. 700 crore from the UAE to about Rs. 35 lakh from the Maldives. But the Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson has remarked that “in line with the existing policy”, the Central government would meet requirements in Kerala through “domestic efforts”.

In search of greatness (GS Paper-III)

By Aspire IAS

23 August 2018

Scientific achievement will only happen in a culture which celebrates great art, philosophy, sports.

State can stop voluntary retirement of doctors’

By Aspire IAS

23 August 2018

The State can stop government doctors from taking voluntary retirement in public interest, the Supreme Court has ruled.

Slum policies

By Aspire IAS

20 August 2018

India’s rapid urbanization has been proceeding apace for decades and there is growth of Slums in the urban areas and for thousands who come to the cities every day, cheap housing in slums is often the springboard to better lives.

Seeing through the smoke

By Aspire IAS

19 August 2018

Traditionally, people have been using conventional products such as cigarettes, bidis and chewable tobacco.

How India should close the financial gender gap

By Aspire IAS

16 August 2018

The World Bank’s latest Global Findex data proves that India has made rapid strides in improving access to formal financial services.

Centre comes to Kerala’s aid

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13 March 2019

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday conducted an aerial survey of floodravaged Kerala and announced an immediate relief of Rs. 100 crore as the State braced for another spell of heavy rain after a fresh low pressure area developed in the Bay of Bengal.

Confrontation in Dhaka

By Aspire IAS

08 August 2018

In context of recent student Protest; The Bangladesh government clamps down on dissent and democratic challenges.

Rajasthan First State to Implement Biofuel Policy:

By Aspire IAS

01 August 2018

Rajasthan has become the first State in the country to implement the national policy on biofuels unveiled by the Centre in May 2018.