19 July 2019 02:53:08

International Solar Alliance

By Aspire IAS

Palau has become the 76th country signatory country to join the International Solar Alliance.

19 July 2019 02:57:22

Internet Saathi programme

By Aspire IAS

Google and Tata Trusts are set to expand their ‘Internet Saathi’ digital literacy programme for rural women to villages in Punjab and Odisha.

19 July 2019 03:00:18

National Investigation (Amendment) Bill, 2019

By Aspire IAS

The Lok Sabha has passed the National Investigation (Amendment) Bill 2019

19 July 2019 03:17:08

Threat of Ebola

By Aspire IAS

The health emergency declared by the WHO can counter the risk of a global

19 July 2019 03:24:26


By Aspire IAS

ISRO is in talks with processing chip manufacturers such as Qualcomm to substitute the existing Global Positioning System (GPS) with the Indian version of satellite navigation.