24 July 2019 02:32:46

Indian Forest Act Amendment

By Aspire IAS

Across India, activists for tribal rights have said the proposed Indian forest act amendments will divest tribals and other forest-dwelling communities of their rights over forest land and resources.

Higher education, increased mobility, late marriage, financially independent women and overall prosperity are all contributing to a falling Total fertility rate.

24 July 2019 02:53:31

The complexities of Naga identity

By Aspire IAS

The Nagaland government’s move to compile a Register of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland (RIIN) opens up possibilities in the context of the decision to link the register to the Inner Line Permit (ILP) system without a consensus on the definition of an ‘indigenous inhabitant’.

24 July 2019 12:57:05

Kashmir Mediation

By Aspire IAS

Facing a furore in Parliament over the issue, the government has clarified in no uncertain terms that Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not request U.S. President Donald Trump to “mediate or arbitrate” on the Kashmir issue.

24 July 2019 03:21:14

Faltering steps in the anti-AIDS march

By Aspire IAS

The joint UN programme on AIDS commonly known as UNAIDS is facing worst challenges afflicting the global AIDS response this time an existential threat questioning its very relevance.