The centre’s pension scheme for small traders (PMLVMDY) has been notified and being introduced on trial basis from this week .The scheme assures a minimum monthly pension of Rs. 3,000/- month after attaining the age of 60 years

25 July 2019 04:41:06

India’s first dragon blood-oozing tree

By Aspire IAS

Assam has added to India’s botanical wealth a plant that yields dragon’s blood — a bright red resin used since ancient times as medicine, body oil, varnish, incense and dye.

25 July 2019 04:52:26

The limits of anti-defection

By Aspire IAS

The political crisis that began in Karnataka with the resignation of 15 MLAs that took five days and multiple missed deadlines to be put to vote .This underscored the tortuous working of India’s anti-defection law and threw up a range of associated legal and constitutional questions.

25 July 2019 04:56:35

Share of the State

By Aspire IAS

Last week, the Union cabinet passed an amendment to widen the terms of reference of the 15th Finance Commission

25 July 2019 05:03:53

Shifting strategic concerns

By Aspire IAS

The U.S. President Donald Trump’s latest gaffe has introduced another thorn in what is now clearly an unsettled India-U.S. relationship. While India’s hand is not as strong as we sometimes believe it to be, there might be opportunities to leverage the international situation further down the road

There should be a clear understanding that offering choices and services rather than outright state control works best.