30 July 2019 04:17:25

Dam Safety Bill,2019

By Aspire IAS

Opposition MPs in the Lok Sabha have expressed deep reservations about the Centre’s decision to introduce the Dam Safety Bill, 2019

30 July 2019 04:19:12

National Creche Scheme

By Aspire IAS

National Crèche Scheme is being implemented as a Centrally Sponsored Scheme through States/UTs .

30 July 2019 04:22:17

GI tag gets Odisha’s Rasagola

By Aspire IAS

The Rasagola, a popular dessert of Odisha has received the geographical indication tag from the Registrar of Geographical Indication.

30 July 2019 04:27:26

Going Local

By Aspire IAS

A high-level government panel has recommended doing away with the requirement of foreign firms needing to store a copy of all personal data within India.

30 July 2019 04:36:17

Talks and Terror : on Afghan peace talk

By Aspire IAS

Afghanistan's are many half of the country is either directly controlled or dominated by Taliban.

30 July 2019 04:39:48

Governing India through fiscal math

By Aspire IAS

While it is important for a government to pursue a sound economic policy, including management of the public finances, it is yet another matter to make a fetish of any one aspect of it.