02 July 2019


Nilgiri tahr climb the population charts

By Aspire IAS

Nilgiri tahr climb the population charts

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In news:

In a heartening development for conservationists, a recent census has revealed that the population of the Nilgiri thar( an endangered mountain goat) at the Murukthi National park has grown by an impressive 18% in the last two years, from 480 to 568.


Nilgiri thar:

  • Its an endangered species in IUCN list
  • It is listed in schedule I of the Indian Wild life (protection) Act 1972
  • It is endemic to the Nilgiri hills and the southern portion of the Western Ghats in the state of Tamil nadu and Kerala in southern India.
  • It is the state animal of Tamil Nadu.

Threats for Nilgiri tahr:

Inspite of it's incresing population, It's population faces several threats. Researchers point to the continuing spread of invasive species of flora, such as wattle and pine, and exotic weeds like scotch broom(cystisus scoparius) and gorse, which end up diminishing grazing land.