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  • 27 May, 2020

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Chiru Goat

Chiru Goat

Chiru goat is also known as the Tibetrean antelope. It is native of China (Tibet, Xinjiang region) and India (North Eastern Ladakh region) and regionally extinct in Nepal. Its numbers and distribution have decreased sharply as a result of commercial hunting for the underfur for making of shawls.

In India, it is killed for making of the famous Shahtoosh shawls, which is renowned for its quality from Srinagar.

In 2017, it has been included in “Near Threatened” category by IUCN. The parliamentary standing committee on science & technology, environment & forests had recommended to the ministry of environment, to conserve and breed the Chiru goat, which can then be given to the shawl makers.

The motive behind such recommendation is to provide a sustainable livelihood opportunity to the people of Jammu and Kashmir. However, Ministry of Environment has ruled out the possibility of conservation breeding citing that it may lead to decline in its population due to commercial poaching.

Source: PIB

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