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  • 12 November, 2023

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Constantine Joseph Beschi

An Italian Jesuit, Tamil scholar, and Chanda Sahib’s Dewan.

  • Visit to India – He arrived in Goa in 1700 and reached Tamil Nadu in 1715 to do missionary work
  • Language skills – He studied Sanskrit, Telugu, Urdu and Tamil and became a master of these languages, especially Tamil.

Constantine Joseph Beschi was known as Thairiyanathaswamy and its translation reads as Veeramamunivar in Tamil.

  • Friendship with Chanda Sahib – Veeramamunivar considered Chanda Sahib as the ruler of the banks of the Cauvery.
  • Chanda Sahib gifted him 4 villages to the north of the River Kollidam (distributary of River Cauvery) in Tamil Nadu.
  • He conferred the surname, Ismattee Sannyasi, indicating veeramamunivar’s excellence as a religious devotee.
  • He presented a palanquin and appointed him to the office of Dewan in Tiruchi, Tamil Nadu.
  • Life style in Tamil Nadu – He dressed like a Hindu sanyasi and travelled in a palanquin with a tiger skin to sit upon.
  • Contribution to Tamil languageThembavani, Sathurakarathi and many other works.
  • His principal efforts were the conversion of the Idolaters and so, he delved deep into Tirukkural, Naladiyar, Civaka Cintamani, and other celebrated Hindu works.

F.W. Ellis, the British civil servant and a scholar in Tamil and Sanskrit had classified Dravidian Languages as a separate family of languages even before Robert Caldwell


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