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  • 07 May, 2020

  • 2 Min Read

Microwave  Oven as Sterilisation unit-COVID-19

Microwave Oven as Sterilisation unit-COVID-19

Rajat Kumar Panigrahy, Principal of the government Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in Odisha’s Berhampur, has started transforming discarded microwave ovens into Ultraviolet (UV) sanitisation chambers for the disinfection of mobile phones, pens and other small objects carried by medical staff working in COVID-19 hospitals.

Transformation of thrown away microwave oven to UV sanitisation chamber costs only ?1,200.Any equipment has to be placed in it for 15 minutes for disinfection and there is a timer for the purpose.

It id similar to the UV sterliser tower manufactured by the DRDO.

There is an urgent need for UV sanitisers at COVID-19 hospitals. Cleaning mobile phones using chemical sanitisers at times damages the touch-screen of smartphones.

Earlier, faculty from the Berhampur ITI had also designed and manufactured highly affordable ‘Aerosol face shields’ that could be used by front-line personnel involved in containing the pandemic.

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