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  • 13 July, 2021

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Red Sanders

Red Sanders

  • Red sanders or red sandalwood, is a species endemic to the southern Eastern Ghats mountain range of South India.
  • It is a rare kind of sandalwood that is in high demand in international market and costs around Rs.1,500 to Rs.2,000 a kg.
  • The major markets for the wood are China, Japan, the Middle East, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Nepal.
  • This tree is valued for the rich red color of its wood. The wood is not aromatic. The tree is not to be confused with the aromatic Santalum sandalwood trees that grow natively in South India.
  • Pterocarpus santalinus is listed as an Endangered species by the IUCN, because of overexploitation for its timber in South India.
  • It is also listed in the appendix II of the CITES, which means that a certificate is required in order to export it, that should only be granted if the trade is not detrimental to the survival of the species.

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17 Sep,2021

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