Director's Column

Dear Students, the foundations of Aspire IAS were built upon an idea, in order to provide more relevant, innovation oriented and cost effective methodology in order to deal with the temporal and ever shifting nuances, which an aspirant usually encounters throughout his journey of fulfilling his dream.

This idea acted as a flash point for a revolution in the approach of studying and has been continuously producing ever increasing results in the Civil Services Examination since 2011. The wide array of toppers produced by the Institute , including All India Rank 1( Nandini K.R.), in just 6 years of journey, has not just been a morale booster for Team Aspire IAS, but also holds testimony to breaking the myth that cracking this mother of all examinations is like scaling Mount Everest.

With the right approach, right guidance at the right time, definite results can be obtained, this was established by Aspire IAS by demolishing the hitherto trend spread around that 'guaranteed success only by following the high cost mentorship programs'. "Anyone can do, if you have interest and determination" is the philosophy of Aspire IAS.

Aspire IAS which has been the propounder of Vedic method of learning is not just limited to teaching for Civil Services but it also involves a component of deep rooted association with the students and providing them practical training by a slew of various student welfare and knowledge oriented activities such as- Meditation at the Classroom, Rural Trips, Educational Trips, Blood Donation Campaign, Free Eye Checkup drive, Community Kitchen etc by associating formally with the NGO 'Dhara'. We believe in the upliftment and all round development of an aspirant's personality from reading, learning , understanding to thinking, analyzing and prompt decision making, hence, the activities touch upon various stark realities of life spreading across various social, cultural, environmental, economic and political issues. All needy students are welcome to become part of the Aspire Family as the whole experience could be less described in letters but more be felt by an association. Come and become part of the revolution of not just knowledge but empowerment.