Do the first class FREE of Mapping Mapping Demo Lecture Watch More
Do the first class FREE of Geography GS Mapping Demo Lecture Watch More

Geography module starts with the Mapping module. It is the comprehensive coverage of Indian and World Mapping. Mapping module includes important topics like Tribes of World and India ; Physical Mapping; Industrial locations ; Mineral distribution in World ; Climatic conditions of world ; Important Physical Locations (Mountains; River systems; Gulfs,Bays,Straits ; Oceanic currents, etc);Indian River system, etc. Very important part in Geography preparation both in Prelims and Mains perspective.

Geography module includes the whole Physical , Human , Economic Geography.

Explanation of topics with diagrams and real time examples within the class. Learn and understand within the class itself.

Multiple revision orally within the class. It also includes periodic LIVE MCQs by Director sir to apply knowledge learnt.

U can experience the Guru Shishya Parampara type of learning from the Director sir.

This module also includes free Notes which is a compilation of NCERTs (Old and New); D.R.Khullar- India , A Comprehensive Geography; G.C Leong.

Mapping Programme Features:

  • Comprehensive coverage of Indian and World Mapping
  • Understanding world mapping through Atlas (Orient Blackswan School atlas and Oxford student atlas)
  • Daily revisions
  • Daily tests through Live MCQs and oral tests
  • Daily Home works
  • Special emphasis on current locations in news
  • Study materials will be provided
  • Doubt Clearing session
  • Discussion of last 10 years of UPSC prelims papers
  • 14 classes
  • 4 days a week (Mon/Wed/Thu/Sat)

Topics Covered under Mapping

  • World Mineral distribution
  • World physical maps (includes Mountains, passes, plateaus, tropical grasslands, lakes, seas, etc.)
  • World and Indian cropping pattern
  • Economic geography of the world
  • Tribes of the World
  • Indian physical mapping (Mountains, rivers, passes, plateaus,etc.)
  • Comprehensive coverage of all the Indian states
  • National parks, wild life sanctuaries and other protected areas
  • Thematic maps (Irrigation and Reservoir maps, cropping pattern, vegetation pattern, rainfall pattern, geological time scales, Railway zones ,etc.)
Procedure for Online Classes
  • Enrol through www.aspireias.com
  • After enrolment students will get a username and password through email and through SMS to access classes live on Zoom platform
  • Students can interact with sir during live session.
  • In case you miss live class at the scheduled time, recorded video of the class will be available in your account just after the class is over.
  • Recorded sessions can be accessed from ‘My Account’ section.
  • Classes will be conducted live as per the class schedule.
  • PDFs of study materials will be uploaded in ‘My Account’ section.
  • Doubt clearing session through Email/Whatsapp.


This mapping module gives insights to the students about the whole world and Indian mapping on the line of UPSC demands. This batch is one of the most appreciated batch by the toppers like Nandini.K.R (AIR 1, 2016).

Learning mapping through Vedic method by Director sir accompanied by daily revisions and oral tests makes the student to get a strong hold on the World and Indian mapping which can assure 6-10 questions in the UPSC prelims paper 1.

This batch is useful to create a strong base for the students. This batch helps in an interdisciplinary learning. For example: Students can learn about environment, agriculture pattern, economic geography, tribes of the world, important terminologies in International relations.

This batch can help a candidate to get an upper hand over UPSC Prelims-cum-Mains, Geography Optional and Political Science Optional.

Yes. Classes will be taken in bilingual language (Hindi & English). Even students can write answers in Hindi which will be evaluated by director sir himself.

Hybrid classes are introduced for the benefit of the students. Students who are enrolled via online batch can change to offline batch without any hassle. Even the vice versa is possible.

Yes. Students can have personal interaction with Director sir twice a week.


Geography GS @ Rs. 5000/-
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Mapping Classes @ Rs. 3500/-
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Online/Offline Fee
Rs. 3500(including GST)
Mapping + Geography @ Rs. 8500/-
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Online/Offline Fee
Rs. 8500(including GST)
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