Writing Skill Development 2020 - 2021 By Director Sir

General Studies

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Test 1:
24 October,2020

•Fundamental ri... Read More

Polity-constitution and related topics India Year Book Newspapers Indian polity,Laxmikanth Download
Test 2:
27 October,2020

• Pressure groups
• Role of NGOs 
• Development processes&nb... Read More

Governance and related topics Aspire Mains kunji,Editorial and You, T50 notes and 2 years of NEWPAPER topics Download
Test 3:
31 October,2020

• India’s foreign policy
• Nuclear doctrines of India and world Read More

IR-I.O Aspire MAINS Kunji Spectrum text book on International Organizations 2 years Newspapers notes NCERTs (Democracy of India)
Test 4:
01 November,2020

Paper-2 Composite

Read More
Paper-2 Composite
Test 5:
07 November,2020

• Major crops cropping patterns in various parts of the country
• Different t... Read More

Economics and Envi Aspire MAINS Kunji,Newspapers,UMA KAPILA(Policies),PD Economic issue,India Year Book,Target 50 notes or,your own notes
Test 6:
10 November,2020

Read More

Economics and Environment Aspire MAINS Kunji,Newspapers; UMA KAPILA(Policies);PD Economic issue; India Year Book;Target 50 notes oryour own notes GM TIMES (Envi and eco)
Test 7:
12 November,2020

Read More

Internal sec & S&T Mains Kunji of Aspire and 2 years of Newspaper T-50 Notes GM TIMES (S&T)
Test 8:
15 November,2020

Paper-3 Composite

Read More
Paper-3 Composite
Test 9:
21 November,2020

• Distribution ... Read More

Geography and Associated contemporary issue D.R. KHULLAR OLD NCERT ASPIRE GEO NOTES MainsKunji
Test 10:
24 November,2020

Modern History

World History

Indian Culture

Read More
History and Culture NCERT and Mains Kunji
Test 11:
28 November,2020

Read More

Social issue and PCI T-50 Notes and Mains kunji
Test 12:
29 November,2020


Read More
Test 13:
05 December,2020

• Important asp... Read More

Ethics and governance Aspire Ethics book Mains Kunji
Test 14:
08 December,2020

• Political phi... Read More

Ethics theory and case studies Aspire Ethics book Mains Kunji
Test 15:
12 December,2020

Ethics Composite Paper-4

Read More
Test 16:
13 December,2020

ESSAY Paper with discussion

Read More
Aspire ESSAY module
Test 17 & 18:
16 December,2020

UPSC Mock : PAPER-1 & 2

Read More
Test 19 & 20:
17 December,2020

 UPSC Mock : PAPER-3 & 4

Read More
Test 21:
18 December,2020

Essay and Hindi

Read More
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