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pt cum mains

Dear Aspirants,

Welcome to the best batch of Aspire IAS!

Integrated PT cum Mains.

Enough has been said about How UPSC is one of the hardest exams and the mother of all exams and what not! But there are many people who have the modest of the backgrounds with normal academic records clearing the exams in just one attempt. Also there are many people who are from the best academic backgrounds and find it difficult to crack either Prelims, Mains or Interview.

Have you ever thought about UPSC Exam in this way?

No? No problem.

Any competitive exam has a nature. The Aptitude! Traits! Be it Banking, SSC, CDS, CAPF, CAT anything. If an aspirant has the traits and if he does what is required of him in the respective competitive exam, he is going to clear it without any extra efforts. Because he has that Aptitude to clear the exam. Same is the case with UPSC CSE.

How to clear you ask?

  • Conceptual Understanding of all the subjects.
  • Interlinking of all the subjects.
  • Complete hold over Priority I topics as given by Ankit Sir.
  • Mind maps before exam so that you revise the whole topic within a day.
  • Focus not on completing 100% of the syllabus but only what Ankit Sir tells as Priority Topics.
    1. Priority I Topics: Mapping and Geography, Economics, Environment, India Year Book (few chapters), Polity and Governance, Internal Security, Ethics (for Mains) and Culture.
how to clear
  • Priority II Topics: Ancient and Medieval (Political) History, World History, Science and Technology (important for Prelims), Social issues.
  • Priority III Topics: Miscellaneous and whatever is remaining.
  • Now you have to understand and revise the Priority Topics:
    1. Priority I topics are to be revised atleast 7 times.
    2. Priority II topics are to be revised atleast 4 times.
    3. And Priority III topics are to be revised atleast 2 times.
  • even in the Prelims cum Mains we cover the subjects according to the Priority for UPSC CSE 2022.

But we have one Mantra for the Preparation, as Ankit Sir says,

“Studies should be in your mind and not in the notes!”

Integrated PT Module
Integrated Mains Module
Foundation Batch
Integrated PT Cum Mains

Mapping and Geography Module

  • Prelims, we start with Mapping and Geography since this is the basis of many answers in Mains. Even atleast 5 questions come in Prelims based on Mapping. And the questions are tricky.
  • is a Topper’s recommended batch since many toppers have said it on record that they have done this batch multiple times from AspireIAS.
  • quality of the answer enhances when you add a map or map locations in the answers or when you answer in the Interview.
  • Paper I in Mains is the most scoring and many people are not able to score above 80 in Paper I Mains. But if you see recent trends from UPSC 2018 to 2022, the weightage of Geography in Paper I Mains is very high.
mapping module
  • we focus on the conceptual clarity and diagrammatic representation of the topics and not on the dictation.

Environment Module

  • Environment is a subject where you cannot understand the basic concepts without understanding the Geography as a subject conceptually.
  • Environment gives 15-20 Questions in Prelims and around 30-40 marks in Mains.
  • Hence Environment is very important to write in Mains answers and for clearing Prelims with flying colors.
  • We focus more on the Priority I topics under Environment which are Mapping, Animals, Legislations, Bodies etc.
environment module
  • We cover all the basic websites and Down to Earth so that the authenticity is maintained and the dynamic nature of the exam becomes a cakewalk for aspirants since we have read everything.

Economy Module

  • Before Economics, we give break to revise Mapping, Geography and Environment. Since these subjects require time to process and feed itself in the long-term retention.
  • Economy is the most important subject in Prelims and Mains since most of the questions come from Economy.
  • Hence it is important to learn subjects from the point of view of inter relation and application in multiple topics.
  • We teach from the basic Government websites and make sure that the Aspirant understand and can corelate with multiple subjects.
economy module

India Year Book Module

  • After Economy, India Year Book is just like a cherry on the top.
  • This is a Topper’s recommended batch since many toppers have said it on record that they have done this batch multiple times from AspireIAS.
  • Because India Year Book covers all the policies and programmes of Government of India (from past to present).
  • It covers around 10 Questions in Prelims and GS Paper II and GS Paper III is based on India Year Book.
iyb modul
  • This remains the best book to understand the Indian policies and Ministries and all the efforts of Government of India for the country.
  • Hence Ankit Sir teaches India Year Book according to the Priority Chapters like Agriculture, Health, Finance etc. and interlinks it with Polity, Economy and even Geography!

Polity Crash Course in just 5 days!

  • Polity & Governance is one of the most important subjects in UPSC after Economy and Environment.
  • This is a Topper’s recommended batch since many toppers have said it on record that they have done this batch multiple times from AspireIAS.
  • Polity gives 10-12 Questions in Prelims but its significance is highest in Mains since the whole GS Paper II is based on Polity and Governance.
  • But Governance aspect we cover very comprehensively in the Target 50 Module.
polity crash course
  • In Polity crash course, we cover entire Laxikant Book in just 5 days covering the entire book Priority wise.
  • The class is interactive with 50% retention in the class itself since Ankit Sir believes in Vedic form of learning and retention.

History Crash Course in just 5 days!

  • Modern History is covered in Spectrum in the most comprehensive manner. Hence Ankit Sir teaches that in the class.
  • This is a Topper’s recommended batch since many toppers have said it on record that they have done this batch multiple times from AspireIAS.
  • If you consider UPSC Prelims 2018-2020, History questions come randomly and investing time in that is very troublesome.
  • Since for around 15 Questions of Ancient to Modern History we have to study and invest time for around 1-1.5 months which is not advisable.
history carsh course
  • Instead we teach majorly selective topics like Modern India and Culture which holds importance in UPSC Prelims and even UPSC Mains. For Ancient India and Medieval India, we teach in around 15-20 days and even we have recorded those lectures for students to watch it free of cost.
  • It is only logical that we invest 5 days and get 8 questions right with certainty than we invest 1 month to get 10-12 questions right. Obviously 100% accuracy wont be there anywhere!
  • Here we can invest more time in Governance, Economy and Environment and fetch more marks there!

Simultaneously with above, following batches go on!

1 Hour 2 Newspaper Batch

  • AspireIAS is the Pioneer of Newspaper Analysis Batch since 2011 since we do not just cover the Newspaper, we cover the most important topics of General Studies in the Newspaper batch.
  • Because an aspirant cannot understand the contemporary issues without understanding the topic or the basic concepts involved in it.
  • For example if in Newspaper there is a topic on Chandrayaan III, Ankit Sir will teach complete Space sector in India and then teach the news!
how to clear
  • Apart from that, we cover the daily newspaper in Daily Newspaper Analysis section Free of cost for all the aspirants. But there is a huge difference since Ankit Sir adds value to those news with complete understanding and retention of the topic.
  • Hence many toppers have done 4-6 batches of Newspaper analysis. This is a Topper’s recommended batch.

Connect to UPSC: NCERT Foundation Batch

  • NCERTs are as important for Aspirants as Pizza base is to a Pizza!
  • But Gone are the days when UPSC asks questions directly from NCERT. Obviously NCERTs are important but it forms a base for all the preparation of UPSC CSE.
  • Only 22 NCERTs are important to get the basic and conceptual understanding of the subjects and Ankit Sir goes beyond NCERT to cover these topics so that a beginner has an idea of the topic which is important for UPSC and not just studying everything for the sake of it.
ncert foundation batch

Target 50 Mains Module

  • Target 50 is the best batch of AspireIAS. This batch will make you an IAS officer. Why you ask?
  • Because this batch will ensure all your Mains preparation. And the most important step to become an IAS officer is Get the highest marks in UPSC Mains 2022. Then your interview will just be to place you in the top 10-50 ranks of UPSC Merit list.
  • We cover every topic of UPSC Mains Syllabus, with comprehensive notes, conceptual topics and answer writing.
target 50 mains
  • Before Prelims, in Target 50 batch we cover those topics which will coincide with Prelims as well so that you shall be able to answer all the analytical questions of UPSC
    1. Governance
    2. Internal Security
    3. International Relations
    4. Economy
    5. Environment (Mains)
    6. Geography (Mains)
    7. Science and Technology
  • After Prelims, we cover Mains specific topics
    1. Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude
    2. World History
    3. Social Issues
    4. Daily Answer Writing
    5. Writing Skill Development Programme
    6. Essay writing
  • Every topper who AspireIAS and Ankit Sir has groomed was a student of Target 50 batch and their Mains marks are a testimony to this claim.

Schedule of the classes after Prelims

Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude

  • This is the Paper which can give you highest marks without any extra efforts other than grooming your personality.
  • The person who has all the traits which is mentioned in the UPSC Syllabus of GS Paper IV Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude has highest chances of getting the 120+ marks in Paper IV and highest marks even in the Interview.
  • This paper can also help develop your personality, as Ankit Sir teaches in all other batches.
  • Ankit Sir teaches the practical aspects of Ethics and it is like a Personality Development class which reflects in the Answers and ultimately in the UPSC Mains marks.
  • This is including in Target 50 batch.

Writing Skill Development Programme

  • You will have to solve 3 hour of UPSC Pattern Question paper of 250 marks in the UPSC set up.
  • Ankit Sir will come and personally tell all the model answers to all the questions and check the copies of majority of students.
  • This class will ensure you get maximum marks in UPSC Mains 2021.
  • This batch is included in Target 50 programme.
wsdp programme

UPSC GS Mains RAW Crash Course

  • RAW stands for Revise, Analyse and Write.
  • It the Aspire IAS RAW Batch, there shall be complete Revision of UPSC Mains Examination right from GS Paper I to GS Paper IV and Essay.
  • First, Ankit Sir shall revise GS Papers I to IV in class and students are supposed to learn and revise with Ankit Sir within Class itself.
  • Then after the Revision of Complete GS Paper I or the relevant Topic of the class (Let’s say Economy), you will be given 10 Questions to write in the Class itself.
  • On the basis of the revision you will write those questions and Ankit Sir shall discuss model Answers of the Questions after hearing answers from some of the students.
raw revise analyse write

Editorial And You

  • It is the most qualitative and the most affordable batch for upcoming UPSC IAS Examination.
  • This Batch has multiple applications from UPSC Prelims, UPSC Mains General Studies Paper I to Paper IV (with Many examples), Prelims to Mains to PSIR Optional, Geography Optional, etc.
  • Ankit Sir has 15+ years of teaching experience for UPSC preparation. Hence, aspirants and toppers like Vishal Narwade, Nandini K R, Vishal Singh, Amit Tolani trust an Expert Veteran.
editoial and you
  • AspireIAS has come up with innovative methods like:
    • 1. Student friendly pedagogy.
    • 2. Mindmap for each topic.
    • 3. 360 degree coverage for each topic before teaching the news.
    • 4. Notemaking in 7 Registersfor final revision. You can also make notes on the website in the “My Notes” section.
    • 5. So much is provided that it almost covers 60% of your UPSC GS Syllabus.
    • 6. Doubt clearing sessions before the start of each lecture.
    • 7. Oral tests and revision within the class.
    • 8. Mains Answer Writing practice

Essay Crash Course

  • Easy tips and strategies for effective Essay writing.
  • Total 5-8 classes.
  • 2 mock tests on Essay.
  • Detailed Discussion and Model answers after each Test.
  • More focus on topics related to societal, ethics, development, economics, Science & Technology and other important current topics.
  • One on One doubt clearing session with Director sir.
pt cum mains

Integrated Prelims cum Mains batch is like a Training Programme for a year for an Aspirant. If any aspirant does this batch, her/ his chances of clearing UPSC in one attempt increases exponentially.

It is like you are enrolling into a Gurukul for a year!

All the best!

Note: All the batches are also available individually if you do not wish to enroll in Prelims cum Mains module.

Apart from that we have many modules

Procedure for Online Classes

  • Enrol through www.aspireias.com
  • After enrolment students will get a username and password through email and through SMS to access classes live on Zoom platform
  • Students can interact with sir during live session.
  • In case you miss live class at the scheduled time, recorded video of the class will be available in your account just after the class is over.
  • Recorded sessions can be accessed from ‘My Account’ section. (NOTE: As per our policy, Target-50 classes can be attended only through Online live sessions or Offline classes. Recorded sessions will not be available for Target-50 batch)
  • Classes will be conducted live as per the class schedule.
  • Soft Copy of Q&A Booklets will be uploaded in PDF format into your account.
  • Doubt clearing session through Email/Whatsapp.


This batch is for the beginners who aspire to clear UPSC CSE in one go. This programme helps a candidate to develop a strong foundation and conceptual clarity to crack all the 3 levels of this examination. This batch integrates 3 stages of preparation:

  • Learning Stage
  • Testing Stage
  • Analytical Stage

This batch includes comprehensive analysis on GS papers 1,2,3,4 to make the student well versed in 800+ topics required for the UPSC Mains examination.

This programme helps a candidate to develop a strong foundation and conceptual clarity to crack all the 3 levels of this examination. This batch integrates 3 stages of preparation:

  • Learning Stage
  • Testing Stage
  • Analytical Stage


Yes, through Writing Skill Development Programme .

Yes. Classes will be taken in bilingual language (Hindi & English). Even students can write answers in Hindi which will be evaluated by director sir himself.

Hybrid classes are introduced for the benefit of the students. Students who are enrolled via online batch can change to offline batch without any hassle. Even the vice versa is possible.

Hybrid classes are not available for Target-50 classes. (Only Offline/Live Classes and not recorded sessions)

Yes. Students can have personal interaction with Director sir twice a week.


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