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The final step towards your dream to crack CSE2020 is 'Personality Test' ,popularly called as INTERVIEW. The panel of the Board are highly competent & unbiased, intended to judge the overall personality of the candidate like alertness, logical exposition, balance of judgement , variety & depth of knowledge with ability of social cohesion and leadership etc

Program- PARIKARMA is designed to inculcate the necessary qualities needed to perform decent in the interview under the expert guidance by Director Ankit Kumar who is experienced and psychological expert, works holistically towards the syllabus as well as pschological aspects of the candidate.

Following are the features of PARIKRMA

DAF Analysis- 1-1 session for guiding aspirants to generate question based on theDAF to analyse further so that no area is left out.

Discussion on Personal Profile-

  • DAF related aspect –ways to answer question on Hobbies & Interest ,extra- curricular activities etc
  • General PI related DO’s & Don’t
  • Convincing answers if there is any gap in study, quiting previous jobs etc
  • acquinting the candidate with the Board composition and profile of UPSC

Discussion on contempory issues

Discussion on home affairs like demography, geographical & historical aspect etc.

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