NCERT for Beginners

Known for their comprehensive coverage, NCERT books form the backbone for UPSC preparation. NCERT books guarantee high authenticity and act as the guiding light during the process of preparation. The recent trend in the UPSC has reaffirmed the importance of NCERT books for the examination. UPSC examination is known for testing the in-depth knowledge and conceptual clarity of the candidate with NCERT being the best source to build the desired foundation in the relevant subjects. To come to the rescue of the aspirants and to make NCERT books and easy read with in-depth understanding, Aspire IAS has come up with the “NCERT for beginners” program.

This program at Aspire IAS offers the best platform where the relevant NCERT books are covered in the most comprehensive manner. This module helps build a strong base. With the expertise of Mr. Ankit Kumar, the aspirant is able to read between the lines and get a holistic picture of the topics covered in the NCERTs.

This program promises to deliver the best out of the NCERT books as the basic study material. It enhances the reading and writing capabilities of the aspirants along with giving them an added advantage of precision in the Prelims examination.


  • • 44-45 classes per session.
  • • Fundamental understanding and base building of crucial issues of past 3 – 5 years.
  • • A new batch starts every month.
  • • More than 20 NCERT books will be covered.
  • • Topic-wise MCQ tests for revision.
  • • Helpful during the whole preparation phase.
  • • Course Duration and Fee:
  • 13,500 /- (including taxes).
  • • Relevant Books:
  • Emphasis on foundation and background of all issues.
  • • Course Coverage:
  • Q & A sessions with thorough analysis.
  • • Expected Outcome:
  • By the end of this course, the aspirant will be able to have a good foundation in all the subject matters relevant for UPSC preparation. She/he will be well-versed entire syllabus of UPSC. This course makes the aspirant comfortable with the pattern of written examinations of UPSC CSE.

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