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UPSC has designed the Civil Services Exam process in a well thought about and holistic manner. All three phases of the exam be it prelims, mains and personality test requires preparation of high intensity.

Exam demands the aspirants to be constantly updated with all contemporary issues and current affairs. Especially after a thorough revision of the syllabus in 2013, both General Studies and Optional subjects need a balance of theoretical content with relevant contemporary examples and facts.

We at Aspire IAS have been upgrading ourselves on continuous basis to cater to the demand of the exam. It is a fact that our Founder and Director, Mr. Ankit Kumar has been the innovator of multiple programmes to reach out to the aspirants. Newspaper Analysis Programme is his brainchild which he has carefully nurtured for almost decade now.

Aspires IAS is the proud pioneer of Newspaper Analysis Programme. It was initiated for the first time in the country by our director. Realising the need for a continuous track of events and knowledge of contemporary issues with exam orientation, he has customised the programme to every student’s need. Every year with each session the programme has gone through a churn to accommodate the requirements of aspirants.


  • • Only two days in a week and 8 hours in total.
  • • Fundamental understanding and base building of crucial issues of past 3 – 5 years.
  • • Analysis of crucial aspects of Social issues, Governance, International relations,    Economic development etc.
  • • Prelims, Mains and Personality test orientation of each issue, hence catering to all    phases of the exam.
  • • Each session will have answer writing and revision of past classes.
  • • A take away notes that has quick reference material for aspirants to consolidate    their learning in the class.

Staying true to the tradition of continuously revising the programme and tailoring it to the need of the students Aspire IAS has introduced thought provoking changes this year.

  • • Basic to Advanced batch
  • For beginners and joining the programme for the first time.
  • Emphasis on foundation and background of all issues.
  • Q & A sessions with thorough analysis.
  • • Advanced batch
  • For alumni students of Aspire and those who have appeared in mains exam before.
  • Exclusive emphasis on editorials and holistic analysis.
  • Coverage of issues of last 5 years relevant to the exam.
  • Stress on answer writing skill with inculcation of current affairs.

Aspire IAS will stand along with all hardworking and deserving students to realise their dream of Civil Services. Newspaper Analysis Programme is tailor made to the aspirants of Civil Services and will cater to the demand of the exam.

As a leader in the field We are proud we have others who have followed suit. However the Leader stands apart!!!

Aspire IAS will stand along with all hardworking and deserving students to realise their dream of Civil Services. Newspaper Analysis Programme is tailor made to the aspirants of Civil Services and will cater to the demand of the exam.

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine….

Realise now, than Regret later!!!

  • • Course Duration and Fee:
  • There are 2 Newspaper Analysis Program sessions in one year:

  • June to September (Fees: New Students – 8,800/- and Old Students – 8,300/- (including taxes))
  • • OCTOBER-2019 to MAY-2020 (Fees: – 11,500/).

Relevant Material (to be carried):

Oxford and Orient Longman Blackswan Atlas.

6 months Yojana magazine.

Study material provided by Aspire IAS (It is a prepared after exhaustive research from The Hindu, The Indian Express, Economic Times, Government websites and important national and international reports).

Course Coverage:

The program covers all the relevant current affairs topics along with the related topics from the static syllabus of UPSC examinations. GS Paper 2 and Paper 3 completely get covered in the classes. Even, 30% of GS Paper 1 and a few topics related to Ethics are also covered in the classes. 3 years of contemporary issues are discussed via 800+ topics with background and analysis. Also, Indian and world mapping, related to the newspaper, will be discussed and revised thoroughly.

Expected Outcomes:

By the end of this course, you will have in-depth knowledge on all the major topics covered in the class. You will be able to speed-read The Hindu and be able to prepare your notes for both PT as well as Mains examination. You would have revised your class-notes many a times, thus completing a major chunk of the syllabus. You will be able to analyse the news and learn the art of co-relation.

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