PT Pointers represent the crux of hard work you have done in entire year. We advise you to make a separate register/file for PT Pointers.PT Pointers should be simple, short notes that you can refer when the exam is approaching for a quick and detailed revision. You can retain the stuff you have written in your own writing for a considerably long period of time. Besides, it's easier, way easier to revise from your notes than opening the book every time. The more you have piling with you in the end, lesser is the probability of you revising it before the exam. PT Pointers are just to make your life simpler before prelims. Make sure you note down PT Pointers from few standard books and current affairs. It saves lot of time and energy.

Aspire IAS has come up with an initiative to save your time of making PT Pointers. We are providing you with PT Pointers just a click away from all the relevant sources to make this journey of UPSC easy for you.