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Agreement on Reciprocal Logistics Support (ARLS)

Agreement on Reciprocal Logistics Support (ARLS) India and Russia are finalising a defence agreement that will simplify interoperability and enable military platforms to receive support and supplies across bases in both nations- Agreement on Reciprocal Logistics Support (ARLS). It is an arrangement that will allow access to India and Russia, to each other’s military facilities for supplies and fuel, expanding the logistics support and operational turnaround of the Indian

RIC-(Russia-India-China trilateral summit)

Russia-India-China trilateral summit RIC meeting is important as Russia, India and China are countries that carry important voices in international politics and have the potential to significantly influence world events. About RIC trilateral summit RIC committed itself to multilateralism and the principles of Charter of the United Nations. Countries called for the comprehensive reform of the UN, including its Security Council, with a view to making it more representative, effe

RIC, a triangle that is still important

RIC, a triangle that is still important By, P.S. Raghavan, a former diplomat, is Chairman of the National Security Advisory Board. The views expressed are personal Context Last month, on June 23, a few eyebrows were raised when India decided to attend a (virtual) meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Russia, India and China (RIC). India stressed on the rules based interational order and to recognise the legitimate interests of the partner countries. Russia also condemned unilatera

Russia Political Stand-off: Putin vs Navalny

Russia Political Stand-off Protest in Russia The violent demonstrations last weekend in more than 100 cities across Russia in support of opposition politician Alexei Navalny were unlike any of the protests in the country under President Vladimir Putin’s rule.   About Alexei Navalny Alexei Anatolievich Navalny is a Russian opposition leader, politician, lawyer, and anti-corruption activist. He came to international prominence by org

West Asia Peace Conference

West Asia Peace Conference Russia backed a Palestinian proposal for a West Asia peace conference, suggesting that it could be held at the ministerial level in spring or summer, as the U.S. said it would move towards renewing ties with the Palestinians under Joe Biden. The U.S. — which sided with Israel under the administration of Donald Trump — said on Tuesday it intended to “restore credible U.S. engagement with Palestinians as well as Israelis”. “The rou

Russia gave nod to New START Treaty

Russia gave a nod to New START New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty is a nuclear arms reduction treaty between the United States and the Russian Federation with the formal name of Measures for the Further Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms. It was signed in 2010 at Prague, and, after ratification entered into force in 2011, it is expected to last at least until 2021. New START replaced the Treaty of Moscow (SORT), which was to expire in December 2012. It follows t

India and Russia ties-need for a reset

India and Russia ties-need for a reset Introduction It was clear from Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s ‘working visit’ to India two weeks ago that India-Russia relations are not quite the flavour of the season. Mr. Lavrov’s principal objective was to prepare the ground for the visit of President Vladimir Putin later this year. Mr. Lavrov’s criticism last year of a U.S.-led Indo-Pacific policy, drawing India into “anti-China games” a

India & Russia Agree to Hold 2+2 Dialogue

India & Russia Agree to Hold 2+2 Dialogue Prime Minister Narendra Modi agreed to establish a 2+2 ministerial dialogue between foreign and defence ministers to add further momentum to the bilateral strategic partnership. Russia is the first non-QUAD member with which India is to hold the dialogue. In 2021, President Vladimir Putin is to visit India to hold the India-Russia bilateral summit. The summit is alternatively held in India and Russia. 2+2 Dialogue: On the line

Reciprocal Exchange of Logistics Agreement (RELOS) with Russia

Reciprocal Exchange of Logistics Agreement (RELOS) with Russia India and Russia are expecting to conclude the bilateral logistics agreement, Reciprocal Exchange of Logistics Agreement (RELOS), and a Navy-to-Navy cooperation memorandum of understanding (MoU). The two sides are also looking at expanding cooperation in Central Asia and the possibility of supplementing bilateral exercises with trilateral and multilateral ones, Indian Envoy in Russia D.B. Venkatesh Varma said. It will simplif

6th Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) session

6th Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) session Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi delivered a video address during the plenary session of the 6th Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) held on 3 September 2021 in Vladivostok. It may be recalled that PM was the Chief Guest for the 5th EEF in 2019, the first by an Indian Prime Minister. In Indian history and civilization, the word ‘Sangam’ has a special meaning. It means the confluence or coming together of rivers, people or ideas. In my vi

Energy Security And Russia

Energy Security And Russia Context: Energy security is Important for UPSC prelims and GS PAPER 1 and GS PAPER 2 India’s proactive role through “Act Far East Policy” and Russia’s increasing investment in India’s energy sector can pave the way for energy transformation and  energy security in India and has the potential for global energy stability. RUSSIA Energy Reserves Russia is a major producer and exporter of oil and natural gas. Russia&rs

7th Eastern Economic Forum

7th Eastern Economic Forum The 7th Eastern Economic Forum recently took place in Vladivostok, Russia. Image Source - The Indian Express  About the meeting The 7th Eastern Economic Forum meeting featured a virtual speech from the Indian Prime Minister. War in Ukraine: Supply networks all across the world have been impacted by the turmoil in Ukraine and the Covid epidemic. The PM emphasised the necessity to resolve the Ukrainian problem through diplomatic and d

Polar Wolf Colony

The Polar Wolf is considered one of the toughest prisons in Russia. The Polar Wolf is a high security corrective labor colony for men in the village of Kharp, Russia. It's also known as FKU IK-3, which is part of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia.


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