Newspaper Analysis Module

Topics SubTopics Additional Notes Worksheets
International Relations Foreign Policy And Terminology     
China Foreign Policy and SCO     
India China Analysis     
SCO and BRICS     
Air Pollution     
IMF World Economic Outlook     
Global Hunger Index     
Governance NITI AAYOG reports     
Child Issue     
Deep Carbon Observatory     
Economy Bank     
Indian Agriculture     
Science and Technology Missile and MTCR     
East Asia Policy     
Environment Plastic Management     
Rock Cut Architecture     
Culture Indian and China     

Tea Time Bulletin (PT Pointers)

Topics SubTopics Additional Notes
Tea Time Bulletin TTB July 2019     
TTB August 2019     
TTB November 2017 to December 2018     
TTB October 2018     
TTB November 2018     

Editorial And You

Topics SubTopics Additional Notes
Editorial and You E&Y November 2017     
E&Y December 2017     
E&Y January 2018     
E&Y February 2018     
E&Y March 2018     
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