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Lassa Fever

Lassa Fever According to a recently released study, the spread of Lassa fever to the central and eastern regions of the continent over the next 50 years would be aided by climate change. About Lassa fever: Parts of West Africa are endemic to this zoonotic illness. Causes: The Lassa virus, a member of the Arenaviridae family, is to blame. The majority of the tropical and subtropical nations in Africa have multimammate rats, which are responsible for the disease's tran

Sapta Kosi High Dam Project

Sapta Kosi High Dam Project India and Nepal recently decided to move the Sapta Kosi high dam project forward with additional research. Senior officials from the two countries met and discussed their collaboration in the water sector, especially the Mahakali Treaty's implementation. What are the Mahakali Treaty and the Sapta Kosi High Dam Project? On Nepal's Saptakoshi River, a multifunctional project called the Sapta Kosi High Dam is being considered (Known as Kosi

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