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Rhinoceros Horn Shrinkage

Rhinoceros Horn Shrinkage According to a British Ecological Society study, rhinoceroses horns may have shrunk over time. Reasons for Horn Shrinkage Rhinos' horns, which are highly valued in some cultures, have long been hunted. The decreasing horn length across species over time, possibly due to hunting selective pressure and evolution. Important Fact: Keratin, the main component of human hair and fingernails, is used to make rhino horns. More on the Research

Gangetic River Dolphin

Gangetic River Dolphin Dolphins have begun to return to the Ganga River as the quality of its water has improved due to the Namami Gange Programme. Regarding the Gangetic River Dolphin The Ganges River dolphin was formally discovered in 1801. In 2009, they were designated as India's National Aquatic Animal. About Freshwater dolphins: The Gangetic River dolphin is one of the world's four freshwater dolphin species. The other three are the baiji of China'

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