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Everything about e-RUPI

Everything about e-RUPI What is e-RUPI and how does it work? e-RUPI is basically a digital voucher that a beneficiary gets on his phone in the form of an SMS or QR code.  It is a pre-paid voucher, which he/she can go and redeem it at any centre that accepts its. For example, if the Government wants to cover a particular treatment of an employee in a specified hospital, it can issue an e-RUPI voucher for the determined amount through a partner bank.  The employee will r

SATYAM Programme and Cognitive Science Research Initiative

SATYAM Programme and Cognitive Science Research Initiative Recently, the Department of Science and Technology (DST) initiated the Science and Technology of Yoga and Meditation (SATYAM) programme. Under SATYAM, DST has invited proposals to study appropriate intervention of yoga and meditation in fighting Covid-19 and similar kinds of viruses. Aim: To provide assistance to society in today’s critical condition arising due to pandemic Covid-19.

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