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Climate Vulnerable Forum

Climate Vulnerable Forum It is an international partnership of countries highly vulnerable to a warming planet. The forum serves as a South-South cooperation platform for participating governments to act together to deal with global climate change. The Forum first met in the Maldives in November 2009. Other initiatives are taken by CVF to deal with climate change: **Vulnerable Twenty (V20) Group of Ministers of Finance of the Climate

World’s First Online Climate Summit

World’s First Online Climate Summit World leaders are set to participate in an innovative climate change summit that will take place entirely online which makes it a carbon-neutral summit. By contrast, the UN's COP21 climate talks in Paris in 2015 generated about 43,000 tons of carbon dioxide, although much of this was later offset through carbon-credit schemes. The Virtual Climate Summit is the brainchild of Marshall Islands President, whose nation

Stars and Lithium Production

Stars and Lithium Production Part of: GS-III- S&T (PT-MAINS-PERSONALITY TEST) Recently, scientists from the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) have provided evidence for the first time that Lithium (Li) production is common among low mass Sun-like stars during their Helium (He) core burning phase. IIA is an autonomous institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India. Findings of the Study: Scienti

Marmots and Plague

Marmots and Plague Recently, reports of an outbreak of bubonic plague in Mongolia, China and far east Russia have emerged, caused mainly by Tarbagan Marmot (a species of Marmot). It has been compared to the Covid-19 pandemic which was apparently spread by the consumption of bat meat.   Marmot (genus Marmota) belongs to the squirrel family (Sciuridae) within the order Rodentia. These have almost 15 s

India's Largest Butterfly

India's Largest Butterfly Recently, a Himalayan butterfly known as Golden Birdwing (Troides Aeacus) has been discovered as India’s largest butterfly after 88 years. It has replaced an unknown specimen that a British army officer Brigadier Evans had recorded in 1932. Discovery: The female was recorded from Didihat in Uttarakhand, the male was from the Wankhar Butterfly Museum in Shillong, Meghalaya. Characteristics

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