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Indian Virtual Herbarium

Indian Virtual Herbarium Indian Virtual Herbarium is attracting a lot of attention and is proving to be an intriguing project. About Indian virtual herbarium It is a database of dried plants. Indian Virtual Herbarium is an interesting collection of plants and preserved parts of plants.  The virtual herbarium also presents a rich botanical diversity of the country. In addition to digital images of the herbarium specimens, the label data for each species includes a

Rock Agama

Rock Agama Researchers from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) conducted a survey to determine the precise locations of the rock agama in and around Bengaluru. About rock agama It is a particular kind of garden lizard that is widely distributed in southern India. It is a big animal with eye-catching orange and black colouring. They need to find external sources of heat, such as a heated rock or a sunny area on the wall, as they cannot produce their own body heat. They a

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