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Great Oxidation Event (GOE)

Great Oxidation Event (GOE) The atmosphere of early Earth contained little molecular oxygen. A significant increase in oxygen occurred ca. 2.4–2.0 billion years ago in what is called the Great Oxidation Event (GOE). A large positive excursion in carbon isotopic composition in sedimentary carbonates is known to have occurred 2.2–2.0 billion years ago (the Lomagundi-Jatuli event), which provides evidence for an enhanced rate of organic carbon burial, i.e., enhanced net product

Baby Dragons

Baby Dragons 2 rare aquatic creatures officially called proteus or olms,  also known as baby dragons, are going on display in the aquarium at Slovenia’s Postojna Cave. The Olms have pale pink skin, no eyesight, a long thin body and 4 legs. They live only in the waters of dark caves of the Southern European Karst region.

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