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Dragon Fruit or Kamalam to be exported to Dubai

Dragon Fruit or Kamalam to be exported to Dubai In a major boost to the export of exotic fruit, a consignment of fibre and mineral-rich ‘Dragon Fruit’, also referred to as Kamalam, has been exported to Dubai. A consignment of Dragon Fruit for exports was sourced from the farmers of Tadasar village, Sangli district, Maharashtra and it was processed and packed at APEDA recognized exporter – M/s Kay Bee. Scientifically referred to as Hylocereusundatus, the dragon fruit i

Everything about Neutrinos

Everything about Neutrinos Neutrinos was 1st proposed by Swiss scientist Wolfgang Pauli in 1930. It is the 2nd most widely occurring particle in the Universe, after Photons (the particle which makes up light). Neutrinos are so abundant among us that every second there are > 100 trillion of them passing right through each of us. Properties of Neutrinos They are subatomic part different from Neutrons. Leptons family. No c

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