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Genetic Markers

Preterm delivery is a leading cause of Neonatal fatalities (deaths among live newborns within the first 28 completed days of life) and problems worldwide. Recently, Indian researchers working on the Garbh-Ini program have discovered 19 genetic markers linked to preterm birth. An improvement in maternal and neonatal outcomes could result from the identification of genetic markers linked to preterm delivery and from the prediction and close monitoring of high-risk pregnancies. What is Pr


Recently, SpaceX launched its Starship cruise ship from the Super Heavy rocket in an unmanned test mission. The upper-stage Starship, however, was unable to separate from the lower-stage Super Heavy, and as a result, the vehicle exploded. Elon Musk established the for-profit business SpaceX in 2002. What is the Starship Project? Known as Starship as a whole, SpaceX's Starship spacecraft and Super Heavy rocket are a fully reusable transportation system intended to take both pa

Abhilekh patal

The National Archives' "Abhilekh Patal" webpage, which features over 1 crore pages of historical records, has received praise from the Prime Minister of India. Regarding Abhilekh Patal Patal, which means a board, platform, or surface, is a Sanskrit word that has been used in Indian documents since ancient times. The abbreviation for Portal for Access to Archives and Learning has been created using both of these phrases. It is a fully functional web gateway that en

First Waterbodies Census

The Ministry of Jal Shakti has published the results of the nation's first-ever water body census, providing important new information about the water resources of the nation. The census offers a thorough inventory of the country's water resources, showing differences between rural and urban areas as well as different degrees of invasion. What does the Census of Waterbodies mean? In conjunction with the 6th Minor Irrigation Census for 2017–18, the waterbodies census

Ningaloo Eclipse

Ningaloo Eclipse On April 20, 2023, people saw the Ningaloo Eclipse. Due to the curvature of the earth's surface and the transition from an annular to a total eclipse, it is a rare 'hybrid solar eclipse'. The following one won't show up until 2031, the last of which was spotted in 2013. What are the Key Aspects of the Hybrid Solar Eclipse? Australia, Timor-Leste, and Indonesia's West and Papua provinces were able to see the total solar eclipse. Southeast

Hakki Pikkis community

Hakki Pikkis community The government is working to return members of the Hakki Pikki tribal community from Karnataka who are trapped in a violent region of Sudan. About the Hakki Pikki Tribe They are a semi-nomadic group that originally consisted of bird catchers and hunters; the words "bird" and "catchers" in Kannada are both used to describe them. They reside primarily close to forested areas in a number of states in west and south India.  There a

State of World Population Report, 2023

State of World Population Report, 2023 The UN Population Fund (UNFPA) just unveiled its State of World Population Report, 2023. India Passes China As The Most Populous Nation By the middle of 2023, India's population is anticipated to reach 142.86 crores, putting it slightly ahead of China's 142.57 crores. According to the UNFPA's State of the World Population Report 2023, 68% of India's population is employed and is within the 15–64 age range. T


Deadnaming A rule that forbade transgender people from being misgendered or deadnamed on the social networking site has been abolished by Twitter. Information on news Twitter has also stated that it will only put warning labels on specific messages that may contravene its policies against hate speech. The tweets had already been deleted from the website. Deadnaming A transgender, non-binary, or gender-expansive person's previous name before changing it to one

Saurashtra Tamil Sangamam

Saurashtra Tamil Sangamam The Saurashtra Tamil Sangamam is anticipated to draw close to 3,000 attendees. The festival attempts to highlight "age-old ties" and cultural connections between two coastal States, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. Similar to the Kashi Tamil Sangamam is the Saurashtra Tamil Sangamam. About The Saurashtra Tamil Sangamam Background: Invasions between 600 and 1000 years ago led a large number of people to leave Saurashtra in Gujarat and form new comm

Plant ‘cries’: Recalling J.C. Bose

Plant ‘cries’: Recalling J.C. Bose Researchers from Tel Aviv University in Israel claimed to have been able to hear the sounds emitted by distressed plants. Details about News When under stress, such as when they were thirsty, the researchers claimed that these plants have been producing very identifiable, high-pitched ultrasonic sounds. This was the first time that any form of noise from plants had been discovered. Jagadish Chandra Bose (1858-1937)

India's Science and Technology Innovation Ecosystem

India's Science and Technology Innovation Ecosystem In order to connect and identify prospective young start-ups in India's science and technology innovation ecosystem, the YUVA Portal was recently created. Earlier, the "One Week - One Lab" campaign was introduced. Launched in Haryana's Karnal, the astronomy lab offers possibilities for persons with disabilities to flourish in a variety of skill, art, and craft disciplines. What recent changes have occurred in

Myanmar issue

Myanmar issue The Myanmar government recently requested a 10-month extension to file a countermemorial in response to the complaint alleging that Myanmar violated the International Genocide Convention, but the International Court of Justice (ICJ) recently rejected this request.  The lawsuit concerns the atrocities committed by the Myanmar military in 2017 during "clearing" operations in Rakhine state, which led to the eviction of Rohingya people. What Caused Unrest in

Seeds in Space

Seeds in Space Both the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have transported two seed varieties, arabidopsis and sorghum, into space. About The impact of cosmic radiation, microgravity, and high temperatures on plant genomes and biology is the subject of this organisations' initial feasibility study. Impacts Increased radiation alters the genetic makeup of plant seeds, enabling them to adapt to a variety of cha

Wheat Blast

Wheat Blast The most significant food crop in the world, wheat, is under threat from a pandemic of blast disease, according to a recent study. Wheat Blast: What is it? In tropical and subtropical areas, wheat productivity is hampered by the fungal disease known as the wheat blast. Magnaporthe oryzae pathotype Triticum (MoT) is the culprit. In 1985, it was discovered in Brazil. Both wild and domesticated grasses are affected by the fungus, most notably rice and wheat. It sp


Blastomycosis In the US, there were 100 confirmed or suspected cases of blastomycosis, including at least one death. It is an infection brought on by the fungus Blastomyces. The environment is where the fungus thrives, particularly in damp soil and in organic materials that is degrading, such wood and leaves. Transmission: Breathing in the minute fungus spores from the air can cause blastomycosis in humans.  There is no airborne transmission of blastomycosis between

Malcolm Adiseshiah Award

Malcolm Adiseshiah Award 2023 A distinguished economist with both national and international praise, Utsa Patnaik, has been chosen to receive the Malcolm Adiseshiah Award in 2023. Regarding the Malcolm Adiseshiah Award  One of the India's most esteemed national prizes, it acknowledges and recognises the exceptional contributions made by  the social scientists to the field of development studies. The Malcolm and Elizabeth Adiseshiah Trust established it in the yea

Mangrove Pitta Bird

Mangrove Pitta Bird  In recent months, Kendrapara and Jagatsingpur, two coastal districts of Odisha, undertook the first mangrove pitta bird census. What is the Mangrove Pitta? About: The Mangrove Pitta bird (Pitta megarhyncha) is a species of bird found in a few isolated areas of eastern India, such as the Bhitarkanika in Odisha and the Sundarbans in West Bengal. The Mangrove Pitta bird, a ground forager and tree sitter that lives predominantly in India's coastal man

CERT-in may be exempted from RTI

CERT-in may be exempted from RTI  According to information provided to Parliament by the government, the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-in) may soon be immune from having to reply to requests made under the Right to Information Act. About The Second Schedule to the RTI Act, which deals with exempted organisations like the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Border Security Force, has been reviewed by the Department of Personnel and Training in relat

Atmospheric Rivers

Atmospheric Rivers Since late December 2022, 11 atmospheric rivers have pounded California, making it an unusually wet winter. About atmospheric rivers The Long, slender bands of moisture in the air that travel from the tropics to higher latitudes are known as atmospheric rivers. When the moisture goes inland from the ocean and climbs over the mountains, it produces rain and snowfall. Despite the fact that many fire-weary Westerners anticipate these downpours, atmospheric rivers ca

Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear Power Plant The director of the International Atomic Energy Agency went to the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant. About The Largest Nuclear power Plant in Europe is located in Zaporizhzhia, a significant town in Southeast Ukraine. The distance between it and the nuclear plant is around 40 kilometers. Six reactors make up the nuclear power station in Zaporizhzhia, which generates a total of 5,700 MW of electricity. 15 reactors are housed within the four nuclear power plants

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