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Personality Test
(UPSC IAS Mock Interview Guidance Program - Parikrama)


To all the candidates who have cleared UPSC Mains 2021. are just one step away from realizing your dream of becoming an IAS officer.

The name of this exam is called UPSC Personality Test because it is not just the UPSC Interview it is a complete 360-degree assessment of the personality.

Aspire IAS has always helped students in all three parts of the Civil Services Examination with its unique all-around personality development batches and not just sessions of mock interview for IAS.

In this IAS Mock Interview session, the candidate’s personality will be groomed by respected Director Sir and UPSC-related dignitaries.

Aspire IAS has been associated with the success of many toppers and the UPSC Interview guidance program will be helpful in the following ways

Features of Aspire IAS “PARIKRAMA” UPSC Mock Interview Guidance Programme:

1) DAF Analysis and Possible Questions

  • Your DAF shall be analyzed in detail so as to cover each and every aspect of your personality and you shall be groomed to that level.
  • All the questionnaires shall be formed in such a way that you will get all the possible questions that can be asked in the UPSC Interview.
  • We shall focus more on “What not to do?” first and then “What to do?”.
  • It shall focus on questions such as:
    1. Questions on Personal profile,
    2. Dos and Don’ts in UPSC Personality Test,
    3. Questions on Home State,
    4. Questions on Hobbies and Interests, and
    5. Questions on Optional Subjects.

DAF For Analysis
(Upload Here)

Notes: Image Format Should Be In pdf

2) One to One Personalized Session with Director Sir

  • Our Director Sir (Mr. Ankit Kumar) is one of the most respected UPSC Mentor of India well known for his unique method of “Vedic Learning” and “Guru Shishya Parampara” who has around 15 years of experience in UPSC Civil Services Examination.
  • He has personally mentored more than 450 aspirants and helped them achieve their dream of becoming an IAS officer.
  • One on one personalized sessions will help you learn
    1. How to keep stability of mind in Interview?
    2. How to keep your calm despite any question in the Interview?
    3. How to tackle difficult questions and those based on decision making by keeping the presence of mind?

3) Student Assessment

The student would be assessed and improved in the 3 categories:

  • Objectivity: Here the factual base of the student would be made strong.
  • Opinion: The IAS Personality Test is about the opinion of the aspirant on various topics. Hence it is important to understand the opinion-based questions and your opinion on this.
  • Situational: There shall be many questions in which you shall be put in many situations. We shall prepare you for situational based questions as well.

Then the student shall be groomed through the following:

  • There will be “Special classes on Factual and Analytical building”.
  • Parliamentary sessions which include situations like Government vs Opposition and the issues of India which will help your critical thinking in the Interview Hall.
  • Trips in rural India for ground level exposure.

4) Sessions of Mock Interview for IAS

  • UPSC Mock Interview sessions shall be done under the expert guidance of 3-5 Bureaucrats which shall give you the feeling of Final UPSC Personality Test.
  • There shall be feedback and more emphasis shall be on “What not to do?” than, “What to do?” in the Personality Test UPSC.
    1. Why should we not read the transcripts of the Interview?
    2. Why should we not know the background of Board members?
    3. Why should we not give long answers?

UPSC Interview guidance program will be conducted in Online and Offline mode both.

Upload your DAF, register to the Aspire IAS website and increase your chances of getting your name in the Final merit list of UPSC Civil Services Examination 2021.



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