Writing Skill Development, Management and Enhancement Programme

It's a special programme for those who want to enhance their skill in a TIME- bound manner and also want to learn the CORRELATION between various topics and how to relate with CONTEMPORARY EXAMPLES.

UPSC’s Civil Service Exam has been dynamic and ever relevant. Syllabus has been revised multiple times in past decade making it more challenging. 2013’s revision of the General Studies Syllabus has added more dimensions to it. It demands a thorough and holistic preparation embibed with current affairs.

Aspire IAS has been home to multiple innovations since its inception. Writing Skill Development, Management and Enhancement Programme is an initiative crafted by the Founder and Director of Aspire IAS, Mr Ankit Kumar.

The programme targets all Mains examination aspirants imbibing in them the much needed orientation and correlation skills. This is the only programme in the country that has certain unique features such as

  • • Module wise and full length papers.
  • • Evaluation the same day of test.
  • • Discussion the same day of test.
  • • Development of Time Management.
  • • Papers will be of UPSC standard

The revised syllabus of General Studies demands real-time thinking, correlation and application in a time-bound manner. 250 marks in 3 hours is a challenge for any normal mind. Hence, the programme is carefully designed to meet the innate challenges of the exam. Personal attention of the Director is the most encouraging and inspiring part of the initiative.

2019 session will be the 7th edition of the programme after 6 successful sessions giving TOP ranks in UPSC Civil Services examination. Nandini K R, Rank 1 from 2016 batch was a part of this batch. She has personally expressed the usefulness and efficiency of this unique initiative in her success story many times. Every year the success rate from the programme has been more than 80% and that speaks for itself.

Most of the students who chose the programme have also been a part of the Newspaper Analysis Programme of our institute. The dynamic nature of questions in UPSC exam has been effectively ingrained each time. Thus, the programme remains most useful for all aspirants of UPSC.