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By Aspire IAS

Posted on 02 July, 2020 21:53

A Topper's choice to crack UPSC exam

Hi Friends. I'm one of the toppers of UPSC Civil Services Examination. I'd like to tell you the reality of UPSC Coaching centers and my choice of how to crack Civil Services Exams. Various toppers have cleared UPSC Prelims, Mains and Interview exams. And we see hoards of names of the toppers in the Billboards of Classes.  

But you may have noticed some trends


  • That many of the toppers are common in almost all the coaching institutes. 
  • As if all the toppers have joined classes in all of the ias classes in Delhi.
  • Many of them do not even come for ias preparation in Delhi. But still their name is on the classes.
  • Only a few toppers are there in some of the Youtube videos. Rest of the toppers dont even have online presence.
  • Some of the toppers do not even know the faculty, still Coaching institutes claim to know the topper.

There is a catch here. Just think over the following questions ?!

  • Most of the toppers join those classes or just take Mock Interviews?
  • All the pictures you see on the Board or the claims of Coaching institutes, do they attend classes or just join the test series?
  • People who claim 250+ results from their ias coaching institute, how many of them are from their core classes which lakhs of students join.

This answer needs an in-depth knowledge. Being a topper, I cannot reveal the identity. But I can just make some things clear for all the aspirants who are first timers. So that you don't get caught up in Fake Advertisements, unethical marketing strategies and expensive UPSC coachings

  • Most of the coachings show the results of Mock Interviews and not the Prelims cum Mains Batch which lakhs of student join.
  • They join there thinking that the toppers have joined the classes whereas the toppers were already bright enough, had cleared mains and then came to the classes for either only Test series or Mock Interviews.
  • They think We will clear just by joining those expensive 2-2.5 lakh Rs coaching (including Optional) and ultimately, all the attempts get exhausted without even clearing the Prelims.
  • Our potential is wasted by the capitalistic UPSC coaching institutes who care about people only if they have paid all the fees one time to the delhi civil services institute.
  • Instead if we join some genuine classes, there are little chances of getting misguided and we can clear in one go.

 I was lucky enough to get introduced to ASPIRE IAS.

  • I had joined only Newspaper Analysis Batch and Mains Answer Writing Batch. 
  • I did not get good Marks in Mains but many questions came straight away from Newspaper Analysis Batch.
  • That's when I realised I need to join the whole PT cum Mains batch to plug the loopholes in my preparation.
  • I joined it and the same year got into a good rank in UPSC Examination.
  • I am very thankful to Ankit Sir who groomed me right from the scratch and made sure I get into the Final list. 


What did I gain from joining ASPIRE IAS?

  • Ankit Sir was a friend, philosopher  and guide to me in this Preparation.
  • I got interlinking in the syllabus, multiple times revision, broadening of the thinking in Answer writing.
  • Wholesome understanding of the contemporary issues.
  • If I had some personal issues, Ankit Sir would make sure I get a solution to that and keep my focus on studies.
  • Target 50 increased my scores in Mains and My Interview was just to get a good rank which I scored.
  • I will be grateful for life that I joined ASPIRE IAS. It was the Turning Point in my life.

Lastly, I will not shy away from saying that ASPIRE IAS is the Best IAS institute in Delhi  and India. You will see that once you join the classes. Nowadays, Sir is providing some high quality lectures free of cost on Youtube. Don't miss that atleast.


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