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Prelims Crash Course 2024 | SANJEEVANI

PPEP = Prelims Performance Enhancement Programme

What is WYBI?

WYBI stands for Win Your Brain IQ.

  • The strategy, Aptitude and IQ of every student is different. Each topper has a different method of clearing UPSC Examination 2024.
  • Hence considering this aspect we have curated a special AI tool called WYBI (Win Your Brain IQ) which will help every student assess their level of preparation through different aspects.
  • WYBI is an Artificial Intelligence tool of Aspire IAS which will assess your level of preparation through multiple assessments over a period of time based on your performance in different courses and tests.
  • Ankit Sir will also personally mentor you and his assessments would also be fed in WYBI so that you are not just prepared for Prelims 2024 but for complete UPSC CSE Examination 2024.
  • WYBI will tell you exactly where you can improve your preparation so that you find your name in the merit list of UPSC IAS Examination 2024.

About this programme?

In the Sanjeevani Prelims Crash Course, you will get to revise every aspect of the major topics of UPSC IAS Examination 2024 according to the current trends of UPSC which mostly has applied topics. After revision, you will have sufficient time to revise the subjects so that you would be able to solve any question that comes in UPSC Prelims 2024.

Who can get the benefit?

  • Aspirants who are struggling to clear UPSC Prelims.
  • Aspirants who are freshers and they need a direction for what to read and revise in these last 3 months of preparation.
  • Aspirants who lack confidence and feel that this exam is difficult. By doing this course, your confidence level will immensely increase and you will be able to clear UPSC Prelims 2024.

What you can get?

  • High quality Aspire IAS Booklets made by Director Sir for quick revision according to UPSC Trends is included in Sanjeevani Module. You can buy the Sanjeevani Booklets by paying 1500 Rs. and you shall get pdfs on your registered email ID.
  • We have divided the syllabus into 3 Levels of Priority according to the UPSC Prelims trends from 2017 to 2020.
    • Priority 1: Environment, Economy, S&T and Mapping. This section will give you 50 Questions.
    • Priority 2: Polity, Modern History and India Year Book.
    • Priority 3: Remaining syllabus = Art & Culture, Ancient and Medieval History + Remaining Current Affairs and Geography.
  • There shall be 4-5 classes per subject followed by 2 tests. These tests are curated by Director Sir himself and not any student. The discussion of the tests would be done in the Live MCQ Batch (not in Crash Course). Click here to know more.
  • WYBI (Artificial Intelligence) driven programme for student specific analysis. It shall tell you exactly where you need to improve your preparation.
  • Individual Attention, Mentorship and Psychological counselling. Because it is really important to be stable from the mind before attempting UPSC Prelims 2024.
  • Aspire IAS believes in VEDIC Method of Learning. Hence if you attend the lectures then you can be assured of 100% Understanding, 50% Retention and 50% Retrieval of the topics within class itself. And with subsequent revisions, the Retention and Retrieval shall increase. It depends on your revisions.


  1. Starting from 27Th March 2024

  2. You can access your recorded video lectures from My Account

  3. Time 11:30AM to 4 PM

  4. Your can watch the video double time from the class duration

  5. Class Mode: Offline / Online / Recorded

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