GS Mains Crash Course

AspireIAS Target-50 Batch

The most significant step to find your rank in the final merit list of UPSC Civil Services Examination depends primarily on UPSC Mains Examination 2021. Hence, AspireIAS has come up with the innovative Target 50 batch.

In this batch we focus only on the 50 dedicated candidates and increase their chances of clearing UPSC Mains Examination 2021 with 450+ marks.

What you will get?

  • Topicwise notes for the whole syllabus of UPSC Mains Examination 2021 from General Studies Paper I to Paper IV.
  • Each topic will be provided with the detailed analysis of 800+ Topics with Diagrams, Mindmaps, Structures, Strategic presentation so that when you give UPSC Mains Examination 2021 you will just need to study those Mindmaps to revise it before your Mains.
  • Ankit Sir has 15+ years of teaching experience. Under his guidance UPSC Toppers like Nandini K R (Rank 1 – 2016), Vishal Narwade (IAS 2020 Batch), Vishal Singh (IFoS 2020), Reshma (IPS 2017) have gotten excellent marks in Mains.
  • In every class, Ankit Sir will give around 2-3 Questions to practice and give model answers too. This will improve your answer writing skills.
  • Essay Writing is also included in this with weekly Essays uploaded on the website (Free of cost).
  • AspireIAS gives personal attention to every candidate. Because every candidate has different lacunas which can be a reason for her/his failure. Hence, the solutions should also be customised according to the student. AspireIAS takes care of that.
  • Target 50 batch also includes the following batches
    • 1. Writing Skill Development Programme (WSDP)
    • 2. Essay writing Classes
    • 3. 1 session of Newspaper Analysis Programme.

Schedule of the Lectures

  • Classes is of 3 hours in the evening.
  • 3 Days a week (Tue/Wed/Fri).
  • As per our policy, Target-50 classes can be attended only through Online live session or through Offline classes. Recorded sessions will not be available.
  • Duration: 10 months.


  • Any sharing of the Notes or Mindmaps will lead to Copyright violation and suitable action can be taken against you.

Eligibility to attend the classes:

  • Students have to clear an entrance examination conducted by AspireIAS to qualify to be admitted into Target-50 batch.
  • The students who are admitted into Integrated Pt-cum-Mains batch need not write the entrance examination.
  • NOTE: This selection process is conducted to ensure that students have clarity on basic concepts so that they can attend this Advanced Target-50 batch to reap its benefits.

P.S: There is no Demo Lecture available for this batch. But you can check out UPSC Mains Guess Paper Series of Youtube channel AspireIAS.


This batch includes comprehensive analysis on GS papers 1,2,3,4 to make the student well versed in 800+ topics required for the UPSC Mains examination.

This programme helps a candidate to develop a strong foundation and conceptual clarity to crack all the 3 levels of this examination. This batch integrates 3 stages of preparation:

  • Learning Stage
  • Testing Stage
  • Analytical Stage

This batch is available only as Live/Offline mode. The Target-50 classes do not have recorded sessions. (This is to ensure the quality of this batch)

Yes, through Writing Skill Development Programme.

This T-50 batch is the most suggested batch by the toppers. This batch focuses on the development of analytical skills, conceptual clarity and learning through mind maps. Students will get topic wise notes and mind maps for quick revision before the Mains examination

Yes. Classes will be taken in bilingual language (Hindi & English). Even students can write answers in Hindi which will be evaluated by director sir himself.

Yes. Students can have personal interaction with Director sir twice a week.


Target-50 Batch @ Rs. 45000/-
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Rs. 45000(including GST)
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