Target 50

Target-specific approach is what an aspirant needs when preparing for Civil Services examination. With the increasing competition due to increase in the number of aspirants, it becomes quintessential to stay on the toes and maximise the score in Mains examination to bag the opportunity of selection.

Target-50 Program of AspireIAS is designed in a manner to help the aspirants in obtaining the best marks in the Mains examination. It is a program based on a selection procedurewith a written examination and an interview taken by the Founder and Director of the institute, Mr.Ankit Kumar, The selected students are then made to go through a rigorous preparation phase.

Target-50 Program, popularly known as T-50, is known to have a great success rate. It provides a great boost to the chances of getting selected. It is a game-changer batch as it has facilitated many aspirants in achieving their dream of becoming an IAS officer, including Nandini K. R., who bagged Rank 1 in 2016 Civil Services Examination.

This is one of the programs at Aspire IAS that encompasses a broad array of topics and covers GS papers (GS1, GS2, GS3 and GS-4) and essay. It includes 33 sessions of Writing Skill Development, Management and Enhancement Programme. Aspirants who join this program are also offered the India Year Book and Culture module as complimentary.


  • • Complete coverage of Mains Syllabus (GS papers and Essay).
  • • TAR Technique Implementation.
  • • Drastic Improvement in score with score reaching 450+ easily in GS and 150+ in    Essay.
  • • Major emphasis on Understanding, co-relation and development of writing skills.
  • • 500+ Mind Maps.
  • • 1000+ Contemporary Topics.
  • • 1 newspaper session to be included.
  • • Course Duration and Fee:
  • 59,500/- (including taxes and convenience charges) for 9 – 10 months.
  • • Relevant Books:
  • Atlas
  • Other books mentioned by Sir during the class.
  • • Course Coverage:
  • The course is framed to cover the complete Mains Examination Syllabus for CSE. It covers most important topics through 800+ mind maps and analysis of 1000+ contemporary issues.
  • • Expected Outcome:
  • By the end of this course, the aspirant will be able to deal with UPSC previous year question papers, have well-crafted notes on most of the important and relevant topics and be in a comfortable place to deal with UPSC Mains questions. The aspirant will be able to comprehend questions and answer in the limited time-frame. This course is highly helpful for the serious candidates.

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