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UPSC Geography Optional carries 500 marks and it becomes an important part of UPSC Preparation journey since if an aspirant gets 290+ marks in Optional, her/ his chances of clearing UPSC and getting a Top 100 rank increases exponentially. Hence it is important to study UPSC Optional thoroughly and diligently. So, if an aspirant has prepared well for the optional papers, it gives her an edge and put her ahead of many in the competition.

Geography Optional is one of the most opted for Optional in UPSC Preparation due to the following reasons:

  1. Interesting concepts and diagrams.
  2. Concurrence with UPSC General Studies Mains Paper I, Paper II (International Relations part) and Paper III (Industry, Agriculture, Contemporary issues) etc. Hence this helps cover UPSC Mains Syllabus also.
  1. Geography is a part of curriculum in school, hence a basic knowledge.

  2. Repetition of questions in UPSC Mains Examinations as shown in the Previous Years Question papers.

Ankit Sir has been a renowned faculty for Geography Optional since 10 years now. Aspire IAS has had a record that whenever any aspirant has an Optional with Geography, she/ he has scored one of the highest marks in UPSC Geography Optional like Reshma Mam (IPS Kerala). You can download the notes of Reshma Mam here.

Following is the Schedule of Geography OptionalCrash Course

  • Ankit Sir is the only faculty in the whole India who can revise and take the whole Geography Optional Crash Course in less than 10 lectures.

  • 4 days in a week 4 hours of classes.

  • Only Revision of the diagram & maps.

  • For Example, Ankit Sir will first explain and make you revise the whole topic and then discuss the questions on it.

  • Hybrid classes (Online, Offline and Recorded lectures available).

  • This batch is best for the students who have studies Geography Optional once and just require a revision to brush up their content.

  • This batch will ensure your retention in the class itself and one of the highest marks in UPSC Geography Optional.

What benefits you will get?

  • Comprehensive coverage of Indian and World Mapping, Concepts and Geography Optional syllabus.

  • This also includes Thematic mapping which is the recent trend in 2021 and 2022 UPSC Prelims, Mains and Interview Examination.

  • World Map and Indian Thematic Maps is taught through Orient Blackswan Atlas and Indian Mapping is taught through Oxford Student Atlas.

  • Plusmultiple maps and diagrams is drawn on the Board which is not given anywhere but which is AspireIAS innovations from which the surprising questions can be solved.

  • Special emphasis on current locations in news.

  • Doubt Clearing sessions before class to ensure there is no gap in the preparation of an Aspirant.

  • Discussion of last 10 years of UPSC prelims papers.

Procedure for Online Classes

  • Enrol through www.aspireias.com
  • After enrolment students will get a username and password through email and through SMS to access classes live on Zoom platform
  • Students can interact with sir during live session.
  • In case you miss live class at the scheduled time, recorded video of the class will be available in your account just after the class is over.
  • Recorded sessions can be accessed from ‘My Account’ section.
  • Classes will be conducted live as per the class schedule.
  • PDFs of study materials will be uploaded in ‘My Account’ section.
  • Doubt clearing session through Email/Whatsapp.
  • You can also book an appointment with the Director Sir and get personal guidance free of Cost.

Note: It is highly recommended by Toppers to join combined Geography Optional batch so that a major chunk of UPSC GS Paper I, GS Paper II and GS Paper III Mains is ready and you can get an edge in the preparation.

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