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News paper Analysis Programme and Yojana 2023

“Newspaper Analysis is the Spinal Cord of UPSC Preparation. If you have not read Newspaper then there are high chances of failing this Examination.”

Why a UPSC Aspirant should read Newspaper?

  • Analysis of Newspapers like The Indian Express & The Hindu keeps you updated with all the Government schemes and policies that is required of you to know as an IAS Officer or a Bureaucrat.

  • You must be updated with Newspaper Analysis, Current Events around you with the sensitivity and sensibility which helps you deal with real life situations as an IAS Officer or a Bureaucrat.

  • Newspaper Analysis expands your Mental horizons and gives you a holistic understanding about the Contemporary issues.

  • Newspaper increased your maturity as a human being and keeps your intellectual health strong.

why to read newspaper

Our Approach for Newspaper Analysis Batch

our newspaper analysis approach 360 coverage of the topics

Why Newspaper is important in UPSC Examination?

  • Analysis of Newspapers like The Indian Express & The Hindu keeps you updated with the current issues that India is facing, like India-Pakistan, Dominance of China, COVID-19, Health and Education etc.

  • With the help of examples and data given in the newspaper you can quote all those data in UPSC Mains Examination and Essay paper so that you get 450+ in Mains and 140+ in Essay.

  • It also helps in UPSC Prelims Examination with all the Prelims Pointers and Analytical Questions that UPSC is asking to their students since the change of the Question pattern since 2017.

But you must remember that UPSC CSE asks Contemporary issues more than the Current Affairs.

What is the difference between Current Affairs and Contemporary issues?

  • Current Affairs is the Daily News that comes in the Newspaper every day and every week.

  • Contemporary issues are the issues that are going on since 2-3 years or even more than that. For Example Afghanistan crisis, Dominance of China, COVID 19 pandemic and its impact, HIV/AIDS, TB and other Non Communicable Diseases are contemporary issues.

current affairs vs contemporary issues
  • Even though a simple news is coming on a daily basis with respect to these topics, they are contemporary issues and not current affairs and UPSC asks these contemporary issues in UPSC Mains Examination and UPSC Prelims examination.

Why is Aspire IAS so popular in the Newspaper Analysis Programme with its Toppers and all over India?

We teach Contemporary issues along with Current Affairs!

  • AspireIAS has been the inventor of Newspaper Analysis Batch and this batch has produced 450+ results over a decade.

  • Every year we innovate the structure of our batches and this year we have decided to upgrade the Newspaper Analysis Batch into 1 Hour 2 Newspaper Batch.

  • In this batch we shall go beyond just The Hindu and cover The Indian Express also with additions from PIB, RSTV Summary, Yojana, Kurukshetra etc.

why Aspire IAS Newspaper Analysis Program is popular among toppers?

What is Aspire IAS’pioneer in Newspaper Analysis?

  • It is the most qualitative and the most affordable batch for UPSC IAS Examination 2023.

  • This Batch has multiple applications from UPSC Prelims, UPSC Mains General Studies Paper I to Paper IV (with Many examples), Prelims to Mains to PSIR Optional, Geography Optional, etc.

  • Ankit Sir has 15+ years of teaching experience for UPSC preparation. Hence, aspirants and toppers like Vishal Narwade, Nandini K R, Vishal Singh, Amit Tolani trust an Expert Veteran.

  • It is because of the way Ankit Sir teaches the Newspapers like The Indian Express & The Hindu and PIB, Yojana. He does not just teaches the News, he teaches Contemporary issues.

  • For example, if there is a simple news on Space sector like India launched its Communication Satellite.

  • So Ankit Sir shall teach Complete Topic on Space sector of India. There will be a 2 hour lecture with Mindmap and explanation along with High Quality notes that shall be provided.

  • After Ankit Sir explains Space sector comprehensively, then he shall cover the News.

  • Now even a Fresher who has not learned a word before this about Space sector shall be able to retain Space sector for UPSC Prelims, Mains and Interview.

  • This is the Magic which Aspire IAS creates for all the students – New and Old alike.

  • Hence we are the most prominent in Newspaper Analysis Programme and almost all of the toppers who have learnt from us shall recommend you this batch.

Why UPSC IAS Toppers joined Newspaper Analysis Batch multiple times at AspireIAS?

AspireIAS has come up with innovative methods like:

  • Student friendly pedagogy under an Expert.

  • Mindmaps for every topic.

  • 360-degree coverage for each topic before teaching the news.

  • Notemaking in 7 Registers for final revision. You can also make notes on the website in the “My Notes” section.

  • So much is provided that it almost covers 60% of your UPSC GS Syllabus.

  • Doubt clearing sessions before the start of each lecture.

  • Oral tests and revision within the class.

  • Prelims Live MCQs and Mains Answer Writing practice is done.

  • Aspire IAS also gives comprehensive notes related to the topic so that nothing is left from the Prelims and Mains perspective.

Even if you don’t join the batch, Daily news are uploaded on the Daily News Analysis (DNA) section of AspireIAS website (completely free). Your result matters us the most.If our initiative could help even a single needy aspirant then the purpose of AspireIAS is solved.

What is the difference between Newspaper Analysis Batch and 1 Hour 2 Newspaper Batch?

  • Newspaper Analysis Batch covers 1 Hour 2 Newspaper Batch.

  • And it also covers Editorial and You batch.

Why you should join Editorial and You batch?

  • Editorial and You batch covers 3 years Editorials of The Hindu.

  • It is not just the Editorial but 3 years of Contemporary issues on which UPSC GS Mains Examination 2022 is based on.

  • This contemporary issues and Editorials can be used to enhance the answer which would ensure 450+ marks in UPSC Mains Examination 2022.

Schedule & Features of Newspaper Module for 2022-23

  • Newspaper shall be covered from 20th October 2022 to 6th May 2023.’

  • Coverage: The Hindu, Indian Express, Yojana, Kurukshetra, PIB.

  • Contemporary issues of 2.5 years to be covered.

  • 1.5 years of Yojana with Thematic notes, applications of news.

  • Special focus on Science and Technology, Governance, Sports and Economy.

  • Class shall be held twice a week: Tuesday and Friday.

  • Timings: Shall be updated soon.

  • Duration of the class: 3 hours.

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