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Article 311(2) (C)

The Jammu & Kashmir government has terminated 4 government employees for being a threat to the security of the state under article 311 (2) (c) recently. Article 311(2) – It states that a civil servant cannot be dismissed, demoted, or reduced in rank unless they have been given a reasonable opportunity to show cause against the proposed action. Article 311(2)(c) - It allows the government to terminate employees without ordering an inquiry into their conduct or giving

Multi-State Cooperatives Societies

Multi-State Cooperatives Societies The Multi-State Cooperative Societies (MSCS) Amendment Bill, 2022, which proposes to amend the Multi-State Cooperative Societies Act, of 2002, has been approved by the Union Cabinet. In July 2021, a new Ministry of Cooperation was established with the goal of giving the cooperative sector expansion fresh life. What modifications are proposed by the bill? The changes aim to make doing business easier, increase openness, and streng

The Places of Worship Act 1991

The Places of Worship Act, 1991 The Solicitor General told the Supreme Court that the opinion of its five-judge Constitution bench in the Ayodhya case "may not cover" the validity of the Places of Worship Act, 1991. About Places of Worship Act: It is described as "An Act to prohibit the conversion of any place of worship and to provide for the preservation of the religious character of any place of worship as it existed on the 15th day of August 1947, and for matt

Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances act 1985

Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act 1985 Image Source - Ipleaders Recently, the Karnataka High Court ruled that the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act, 1985 neither mentions bhang as a forbidden substance nor drink. In two earlier rulings, Madhukar v. the State of Maharashtra (2002) and Arjun Singh v. the State of Haryana (2004), the courts determined that bhang is not ganja and is not consequently covered by the NDPS Act. The court cited these rulin

special marriage act 1954 upsc

Challenging the Special Marriage Act, 1954 Image Source - Community Forest Resource Rights The Special Marriage Act (SMA), 1954's requirement that couples send a notice of their plan to marry 30 days before their wedding, was recently rejected by the Supreme Court (SC). The case was denied by the SC on the grounds that the petitioner was no longer a harmed party because she had previously celebrated her marriage in accordance with the SMA. About the petition

Benami Law  

Benami Law The Supreme Court recently overturned a part of the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Act, 1988 that imposed a maximum three-year prison sentence, a fine, or both, as a penalty for engaging in Benami transactions. About the recent judgment In regards to the 1988 act: Benami transactions and the power to recover property that is believed to be Benami were rendered illegal by the 1988 Act. The highest court declared S

SC’s ruling on PMLA ACT and its implication

SC’s ruling on PMLA ACT and its implication The Supreme Court of India upheld the constitutional validity of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act's (PMLA) controversial “twin conditions for bail” i.e., the trial court needs to give bail only if the accused proves he is not guilty of money laundering. If the accused gets bail, he also has to prove that he is not likely to commit any offence while on bail. By upholding the reverse burden of proof condition for bail, t


THE ABSURDITY OF THE ANTI-DEFECTION LAW Uddhav Thackeray’s government facing internal dissent from a block of 22 MLA led by Eknath Shinde, has brought the anti-defection law again into the spotlight. Such events were also witnessed in Puducherry, Madhya Pradesh, and Karnataka. ANTI-DEFECTION LAW The anti-defection law was included in the constitution as the Tenth schedule via the 52nd amendment act 1985 to combat the evil of political defection. The law punishes an individual m

New IT Rules related to Social Media

New IT Rules related to Social Media Social media companies are prohibited from hosting or publishing any unlawful information. This information is “in relation to the interest of the sovereignty and integrity of India, public order, friendly relations with foreign countries, etc. If such information is hosted or published the government can take down such information within 24 hours. The user will be given a notice before his/her content is taken down. The government c

Draft Act on Land Titles

Draft Act on Land Titles Following are the provisions proposed under the draft Act: Setting up of State land authority: Under the proposal, each state is to set up a land authority that will have a title registration officer (TRO) who will prepare a title record based on document-based claims from the presumptive owners and any claimants. Draft list of presumptive ownership: The authority will then publish a draft list of the presumptive ownership of ever


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