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Initiatives for New India | Yojana Feb 2023

Chapter 1: Initiatives for New India Introduction The world is a massive gym where we go to build ourselves up. Swami Vivekananda India has one of the youngest populations in the world with

Nurturing Excellence of Our Yuva Shakti | yojana Feb 2023

Chapter 2: Nurturing Excellence of Our Yuva Shakti Introduction Rig Veda: The youth are the ones who pave the way for a better world. India now has a youth bulge, with the median age being

FIT India: Towards a Healthy Future Introduction | Yojana 2023

Chapter 3 : FIT India: Towards a Healthy Future Introduction Introduction With the enhancement of physical and psychological wellbeing, sports promote holistic development. Moreover, it enhan

Youth and Health - Social Issues | Yojana Feb 2023

Chapter 4: Youth and Health Introduction Although there are different definitions of youth, those between the ages of 15 and 44 are generally regarded as youth. Thus, this age range encomp

Enablers for Employment - Youth & Sports | Yojana Feb 2023

Chapter 5: Enablers for Employment Introduction With a 10-year vision for youth development, the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (MoYAS) released a draft National Youth Policy in Apri

Youth for Environment Sustainability - Yojana Feb 2023

Chapter 6: Youth for Environment Sustainability Introduction •    To combat climate change, preserve environmental resources, and reverse the decline of biodiversity, immedia

Shaping Digital Economy - Youth and Sports | Yojana Feb 2023

Chapter 7: Shaping Digital Economy Introduction •    Millennials, those born between 1980 and 2000, have spent their entire lives surrounded by electronic devices. •&nb

Youth Icons of India - Youth and Sports | Yojana Feb 2023

Chapter 8: Youth Icons of India Introduction The youth are an essential demographic and an essential force for development and change. They have the power to alter social institutions, affe

Leading India towards Techade | Yojana Feb 2023

Chapter 9: Leading India towards Techade Introduction •    Participation in governance is one of the characteristics of good government. As 66% of the population is under the

International year of millets 2023 | Yojana Jan 2023

Chapter: 1 - International year of millets 2023 Prime minister message during the opening session of international year of millets : Diversity is needed on the land. Our health and the health

Millets –Ancient grains for the healthy future | Yojana Jan 2023

Chapter: 2 - Millets: Ancient grains for the healthy future Millets have a long history of use in India,Several pieces of literature and documents have suggested that millets were a crucial compone

Millets in Diet: The Right Approach | Yojana Jan 2023

Chapter: 3 - Millets in Diet: The Right Approach Introduction The original superfood, millets are ideally suited to the land, climate, and agricultural practises of India. Millets

Millet cultivation in north east india | Yojana Jan 2023

Chapter: 4 - Millet cultivation in north east india Introduction At an elevation of 2,100 metres, millets are frequently grown in tropical and subtropical climates. Germination needs a min

India wealth : millet for health | Yojana Jan 2023

Chapter: 5 - India wealth: millet for health Introduction Millets are a type of tiny-seeded annual grasses that are cultivated primarily as grain crops on marginal land in arid climates of

Health benefit for lifestyle disease | Yojana Jan 2023

Chapter: 6 - Health benefit for lifestyle disease Introduction Millets are regarded as miraculous foods. They can aid in the prevention and treatment of numerous modern, lifestyle-related

Millet for pregnant and lactating women | Yojana Jan 2023

Chapter: 7 - Millet for pregnant and lactating women Introduction Due to changes in weight, plasma, and blood volume during pregnancy, there is an increased need for nutrients to support

Start up’s making millets popular | Yojana Jan 2023

Chapter 8: Start up’s making millets popular Introduction In India, there are more than a thousand startups focusing on coarse grains, according to the Indian Council of Agricultural


Chapter 8: ARCHITECTURE FOR HEALTH AND WELL-BEING INTRODUCTION •    Unlike to former times, people are now spending a lot of time indoors. Both our daily schedules and circad

Universal Public Designs - Architecture | Yojana Dec 2022

Chapter 7: Universal Public Designs Introduction •    The aim of every state in a diverse society is to grant its inhabitants equitable access. Giving everyone access and fos

Statue of Unity - Architecture | Yojana Dec 2022

Chapter 6 : Statue of Unity Introduction •    The Statue of Unity honours the life of Sardar Patel, a symbol of cooperation and statesmanship. The world's tallest statue

Revisiting ‘Brutalist’ Architecture | Yojana Dec 2022

Chapter 5: Revisiting ‘Brutalist’ Architecture Introduction Brutalist architecture was the offspring of a school of thought that, in accordance with its own interpretation, sought

Brihadeeshwara Temple-A Stand Alone Marvel | Yojana Dec 2022

Chapter 4 : Brihadeeshwara Temple-A Stand Alone Marvel Introduction •    The Brihadeeshwara Temple (The Great Temple) in Thanjavur is a magnificent structure that speaks volu

Development of Historic City Centres | Yojana Dec 2022

Chapter 3: Development of Historic City Centres Introduction India is proud to have a long history of architecture and a vibrant culture that is reflected in its ancient architectural crafts.

Central Vista Redevelopment Project | Yojana Dec 2022

Chapter 2: Central Vista Redevelopment Project Introduction •    As part of the Central Vista Renovation Project, the three-kilometer Rajpath from Rashtrapati Bhavan to India

Restructuring urban galaxies - Architecture | Yojana Dec 2022

Chapter 1: Restructuring urban galaxies Introduction In Indian cities and towns nowadays, there is a lot of discussion regarding sustainable development. Sustainability guarantees sustaina


Chapter 1: ZOOLOGICAL DIVERSITY Introduction •    India is one of the mega-biodiversity countries in the world with unique biogeographical locations, diversified climatic con

Geoscientific  Explorations | Yojana Oct 2022

Chapter 2 : Geoscientific Explorations Introduction •    The leading geoscience organisation engaged in mineral exploration in India since its founding in 1851 is the Geologi

Safeguarding Ocean - Ecosystem | Yojana Oct 2022

Chapter 3 : Safeguarding Ocean Introduction •    The majority of our current and future energy needs are derived from the oceans. •    Around 96.5 percen

BIOLOGICAL PARADISE - Ecosystem | Yojana Oct 2022

Chapter 4: A BIOLOGICAL PARADISE Introduction •    836 islands, islets, and rocky outcrops make up the 800 km long Andaman and Nicobar archipelago. Approximately 100 million

Wonder in the West - Ecosystem | Yojana Oct 2022

Chapter 5: Wonder in the West Introduction •    Gujarat is fortunate to have a diverse ecosystem that supports a large number of wildlife species. The State is home to numero

Water Governance - Ecosystem | Yojana Oct 2022

Chapter 6: Water Governance Introduction Gujarat has historically been a state with limited water resources. Its evolution from a water-scarce to a water-secure condition is a tale in and of its

Green Telecom - Ecosystem | Yojana Oct 2022

Chapter 7: Green Telecom Introduction •    With the introduction of 5G technology, it is anticipated that the number of towers, small cells, and BTS (or equivalent electronic

Our Water Heroes - Ecosystem | Yojana Oct 2022

Chapter 8: Our Water Heroes Introduction •    We have a long tradition of conserving water. •    A prime example of that is the Ahar-Pyre system. •

Counter-Terrorism Scenario in J&K | Yojana Sep 2022

Chapter 1:Counter-Terrorism Scenario in J&K Introduction •    One of the most beautiful parts of the nation is Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). Cross-border terrorism, separa


Chapter 2: USHERING INVESTMENTS Introduction •    Government spending in J&K in 2018–19 accounted for 57% of the entire gross state product and was mostly funded by


Chapter 3 :TRYST WITH CINEMATIC PARADISE Introduction •    The Jammu and Kashmir Film Policy 2021 was unveiled in August 2021 and is a comprehensive policy to address several

Sustainable Tourism | Yojana Sep 2022

Chapter 4 :Sustainable Tourism Introduction •    Due to the potential for massive cash generation and the provision of employment possibilities, tourism has received widespre

Education & Skilling | Yojana Sep 2022

Chapter 5: Education & Skilling Introduction •    The administration's development models all revolve around the importance of youth. Hence, it is essential to give t

Bridging the Digital Divide | Yojana Sep 2022

Chapter 6: Bridging the Digital Divide Introduction In Jammu and Kashmir, there are 200 educational zones where students can attend school. However, the COVID epidemic forced the J&K ed

Fostering MSMEs and Artisans | Yojana Sep 2022

Chapter 7:Fostering MSMEs and Artisans Introduction Small businesses have a critical role in fostering equitable development and economic prosperity. The MSMEs in J&K are engaged in a w

Universal Health Coverage in J&K | Yojana Sep 2022

Chapter 8:Universal Health Coverage in J&K Introduction •    The adage "prevention is better than cure" is especially true in the post-pandemic period. •&

Where Sky is not the limit - Yojana Sep 2022

Chapter 9 :Where Sky is not the limit Introduction Among the many disciplines that make up space science are meteorology, geology, lunar, solar, planetary, astronomy, and astrophysics. The

Kashmir: Poetry and Mysticism | Yojana Sep 2022

Chapter 10 :Kashmir: Poetry and Mysticism Kashmiri writers' contributions to literature Kashmir maintains a significant role in the growth and development of Sanskrit literature, criticis

Dogri Literature | Yojana Sep 2022

Chapter 11: Dogri Literature Introduction Dogras are well recognised around the world for their small pahari paintings and as fierce fighters. The most ancient mention of "Duggar" i

Chapter 1- Innovation: Making a Difference

Innovation has been at the heart of all progress of mankind – be it the discovery of fire, the wheel, weapons for hunting, the idea of agriculture – each one developed from an idea or obse

Chapter 2- Scientific Innovations in the Service of Society

Technology forms the subtext of human development. History is loaded with instances of technology serving as catalyst in the grand narrative of human development. From basic necessities like food, air

Chapter 3- Capitalizing on Technology for Farmers’ Welfare

Farming is both a way of life and means to livelihood for nearly 60 per cent of our population, a majority of whom are women and youth. The basic difficulties of farmers can be overcome only if integr

Chapter 4- Space Programmes: Spin-offs for Humanity

Though the Indian space program started nearly 20 years later than in developed countries, today it has emerged as one among six nations i.e. USA, Russia, Europa, China and Japan having total indigeno

Chapter 5- Contributing to a Knowledge-Based Revolution

India got left behind in the Industrial Revolution that swept the world in the last century. But India does have a unique opportunity to contribute in the knowledge based revolution that is sweeping t

Chapter 6- Innovation Oriented Initiatives in Higher Education

The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence. -Rabindranath Tagore Successful pursuit in science, engineering and tech

Chapter 7- Improving Governance in Public Systems

Innovations which exist in the public domain are often overlapping and are not restricted to a particular category. However, for a better understanding, innovations in public systems may be broadly ca

Chapter 8- Transforming Public Transport in India

With rapid growth of population in the cities and increase in motor vehicles, the urban space in India for creation of the necessary infrastructure is shrinking every year. An average of 60,000 vehicl

Chapter 9- Improving Competitiveness in SMEs

Undoubtedly, Small and Medium Enterprises play a highly significant role in India’s developing economy. They contribute to economic growth, employment, reduction of poverty and thus aptly are co

Chapter 10- Adding more meaning to Money

Success or failure of an innovation also depends upon use of technology and this can be said more specifically in the context of innovations in the financial sector in India. Starting from Pradhan Man

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