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Drug Trafficking

Drug Trafficking Security and law enforcement organisations around the world, including in India, are on high alert due to the serious problem of the international drug trade. The Death (Golden) Crescent and Death (Golden) Triangle have historically been viewed as sandwiching India, and drug lords who are indirectly assisted by intelligence setups are flooding India with drugs, mainly heroin and methamphetamine, from these two locations. Drug issue The Taliban's main sourc

Global Terrorism Index (GTI)

Global Terrorism Index (GTI) The Global Terrorism Index (GTI) places India at 13th. Even while assaults and fatalities declined, the report reveals that Afghanistan remained the nation most severely afflicted by terrorism for the fourth year in a row. With connection to the Global Terrorism Index (GTI) The Global Terrorism Index (GTI) is a thorough study that examines the effects of terrorism on 163 nations, or 99.7% of the world's population. The Institute for Economics &

Gun Violence

Gun Violence In Nashville, Tennessee (in the United States), a school was the scene of a mass shooting in March 2023 that left 7 people dead as well as It was the 129th large-scale shooting in America in 2023. Also, the Punjab Government revoked 813 permits for firearms around the state to combat the "gun culture" there. Argument in Favour to Access to Gun Guns, according to some, can lower crime rates by increasing the cost of committing a crime. They have emphasised

Indian Border Management

Indian Border Management The Ministry of Defence underlines the importance of keeping a close eye on the northern and western coastlines and borders. Highlight The Indian defence minister emphasised the necessity for re-strategic planning at the Navy Commanders Conference aboard INS Vikrant due to the dynamic nature of the global environment. The discussion stressed the unpredictable nature of upcoming confrontations and the need for ongoing surveillance throughout the ent

Terrorism in India

Terrorism in India The use of organised and systematic violence by a person or group to intimidate others in order to further their political, religious, or cultural goals is known as terrorism. India's history with terrorism: Much of India's history with terrorism and violent extremism can be attributed to the subcontinent's religiously motivated division into Pakistan and India in 1947. The most horrific ethnic riots in recent history, which were characterised by

Vibrant Villages Program

Vibrant Villages Program In order to strengthen the social and security framework along the China border, the Union Cabinet has sanctioned the creation of seven additional ITBP (Indo-Tibetan Border Police) battalions and earmarked Rs 4,800 crore under the Vibrant Villages Programme (VVP). A 4.1-kilometre Shinku-La tunnel on the Manali-Darcha-Padum-Nimmu axis has also been approved by the Cabinet to enable an all-weather connection to Ladakh. About: The ITBP's strength will


Operation SADBHAVANA The Indian Army launched Operation Sadbhavana (Goodwill) in the State of Jammu & Kashmir to address the aspirations of people who have been impacted by scrooge of terrorism, which is supported and encouraged by Pakistan. Seven Army Goodwill Schools are now being operated by the Indian Army in the Ladakh Region as part of "Operation SADBHAVANA". These schools now accommodate more than 2,200 students. Various isolated regions in Ladakh have receiv

Operation Alert Exercise

Operation Alert Exercise The Border Security Force (BSF) recently began a seven-day drill called "Ops Alert." Major takeaways: Beginning on January 21 and running through January 28, approximately. From Sir Creek (a marshy area) to the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat and the Barmer district of Rajasthan, which is on the international border between India and Pakistan. As part of the drill, the BSF will conduct special operations in the "Harami Nalla," creeks, an

Indian & Chinese troop Clash in Tawang Sector

Indian & Chinese troop Clash in Tawang Sector Recently, troops from India and China clashed along the Yangtze River in Arunachal Pradesh's Tawang sector. Since the Galwan Valley incident in 2020, this was the first incident involving Indian soldiers and Chinese PLA troops. Both sides have been patrolling areas up to their claim lines since 2006. More On the News: According to the Indian Army, there are some areas along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the Tawa

Google's New Anti-Misinformation Initiative

Google's New Anti-Misinformation Initiative Google's Jigsaw subsidiary is launching a new anti-misinformation project in India, with the goal of preventing misleading information from inciting violence. Important Points About the Initiative: Cutting to the chase: The initiative will use "prebunking" videos, which will be distributed on the company's YouTube platform and other social media sites to counter false claims before they become widespread. Collabor


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