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Daily MCQs
1. 3.) Consider the following statements regarding Look Out Circular ( LOC ) which is recently in news???.
  1. It is the notice to stop any individual wanted by the police or Investigating agency or even a bank from leaving or entering the country to designated land, Air and Seaports.
  2. It can be issued by CBI, ED, and Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, Income tax, state police and Intelligence agencies.
  3. Ministry of External Affairs and the Respective Foreign country Embassy officials are responsible in Executing the LOC.
Which of the following statements is or are correct ?
2. 4.) The Active Neural Network ( ANN ) or Deep Neural Network ( DNN ) are some machinr learning codes under?.
3. 5.) Indo Pacific Economic framework which is recently in news is cooperation between the World nations in the following sections?
  1. Trade and Supply chain resilience.
  2. Clean Energy and Decarbonisation.
  3. Taxes and Anticorruption measures.
Which of the above statements is/are correct?
4. QUESTION 1.Which one of the following observation is not true about quit india movement of 1942
  1. (a).It was a non- voilent movement
  2. (b).It was led by Mahtma Gandhi
  3. (c).It was a spontaneous movement
  4. (d).It did not attract the labour class in general
5. QUESTION 2.Which among the following provided a common factor for trible insurrection in india in the 19 century?
  1. (a). Introduction of a new system of land revenue and texation of trible productsn in india in the 19 century?
  2. (b). Influence of foriegn religious missionaries in trible areas
  3. (d). The complete disruption of the old agrarian order of the trible communities
  4. (c).Rise of a large numbers of money landers,traders abd revenue farmers as middlemen in trible areas
6. QUESTION 3.The demand for the tebhaga pesants movement in bengal was for:
  1. (a).The reduction of the shares of the lamdlords from one half of the crop to one third
  2. (b).The grant of ownership of land to peasants as they were the actual cultivators of the land
  3. (c).The uprooting of the zamindari system and the end of serfdom
  4. (d).Writing of all peasant debts
7. QUESTION 4.The people of india agitated against the arival of simon commision because:
  1. (a).Indians never wanted the review of the working of the act 1919
  2. (b).Simon commission recomanded the abolition of dyarcy in the proviences
  3. (c).Therewas no indian in the simon commission
  4. (d).The simon commission suggested the partition of the country
8. QUESTION 5.Mahatma Gandhi said that some of his deepest convictions were reflected in a book titled,?unto his last? and the book transformed Mahatma Gandhi?
  1. Uplifting the oppressed and poor is the moral resonsiblity of an educated man
  2. The good of individual is contained in good of all
  3. All the statements(a),(b) and (c) are correct in this context
  4. All the statements(a),(b) and (c) are correct in this context
9. 2. ) Consider the following statements regarding Green Hydrogen policy in India.
  1. Green Hydrogen policy was announced by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy which set the target of 5 million tonnes per annum of Green Hydrogen production by 2030
  2. India has committed to achieve Net zero carbon emissions by 2070 using Green Hydrogen with transition of using from oil and coal.
Which of the following statements is or are correct ?
10. Consider the following statements amidst the rise of cyber security concerns in India and the world:
  1. India is a signatory to Budapest Convention but the ratification remains pending in the parliament.
  2. International Telecom Union is a global UN agency mandated to keep the cyber security threats in the world at bay.
  3. Australia, like India, still does not have any safeguards against breach of privacy.
Which if the mentioned statements are correct:
Correct Answer : 1
Wrong Answer : 9
Unread Question : 0
Total Score : -3.94

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