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Asian Waterbird Census & Kole Wetland

Asian Waterbird Census & Kole Wetland According to a survey done as part of the Asian Waterbird Census (AWC) 2023, some migratory waterbird species, particularly duck species that visit Kerala's Alappuzha region, are experiencing declining populations. What are the Survey's Highlights? Significantly absent this time around were duck species including the Northern Shoveler, Common Teal, and Eurasian Wigeon that had been spotted in prior surveys. Impact

Forest (Conservation) Rule 2022 v/s Forest Right Act

Forest (Conservation) Rule 2022 v/s Forest Right Act, 2006 The Chairperson of the National Commission for Scheduled Tribes (NCST) recently stated that the NCST’s view on the Forest (Conservation) Rules 2022 which is in violation of the Forest Rights Act, 2006 "would be the same” even as the Environment Ministry has dismissed these concerns. What's the problem? The Commission had suggested that these rules be put on hold right away in September 2022 after raisin

SAIME Initiative in Sundarbans

SAIME Initiative in Sundarbans A fresh shrimp farming effort in Sundarbans raises the prospect of mangrove regeneration. What does SAIME stand for? Farmers in West Bengal have started growing shrimp on 30 hectares as part of the Sustainable Aquaculture In Mangrove Ecosystem (SAIME) initiative. Farmers are planting mangrove trees around the shrimp ponds. Earlier farmers had to buy shrimp feed, now the mangrove leaf litter provides nourishment for the crustaceans NGOs like Nat

Butterflies Adaption

Butterflies Adaption Many intriguing facets of butterflies' adaptation and evolution processes have just come to light In the Western Ghats of Karnataka, a study on many species of butterflies and their mimicry characteristics was done. What are the Study's Highlights? The results were divided into three categories: The species that are poisonous to predators serve as models. Batesian Mimicry Species: Those that adopted poisonous or unappealing features

Indian Skimmers

Indian Skimmers According to the Asian Waterbird Census 2023, which has just begun (recommended dates for the AWC are 7 - 22 January), the Godavari estuary in Andhra Pradesh has developed into a prime and secure habitat for the Indian Skimmer ( Rynchops albicollis). Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary reported seeing about 250 Indian Skimmers. What are Indian Skimmers? Indian scissors bill is another frequent name for Indian skimmers. Indian skimmers are found in the coastal estu

A new species of tiny Boa from Ecuador

A new species of tiny Boa from Ecuador In honor of an Indigenous campaigner, researchers have named a new species of dwarf boa that they found in the Amazon of Ecuador. About Dwarf Boa: The snake, which belonged to the Tropidophiidae family, was up to 20 centimeters long when it was discovered in northern Ecuador's cloud forest. Based on its outward characteristics and bone structure, Tropidophis cacuangoae can be distinguished from other reptiles of the same spe

E-WASTE In India

E-WASTE In India India is now considering a switch to two standard chargers for all mobile phone brands and portable electrical gadgets, which will aid in the fight against e-waste. Similarly, the European Union (EU) has mandated that the USB-C port be standard on all devices by mid-2024, including Apple's iPhone, which now utilizes its own standard. Consumers in the European Union would no longer need to buy new charging devices and cables every time they bought a new pho

Kunming Montreal Biodiversity Framework (GBF) adopted

Kunming Montreal Biodiversity Framework (GBF) adopted at COP15 The UN Convention on Biological Diversity's 15th Conference of Parties (COP15) has accepted the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF). 188 of 196 member governments agreed on a new framework to halt the sharp and steady loss of biological species. These governments, supported by the U.S. and the Vatican, who are not a party to the Convention, adopted the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framewor

Tal Chhapar Sanctuary: Rajasthan

Tal Chhapar Sanctuary: Rajasthan A defence has been provided for the Tal Chhapar blackbuck sanctuary in Rajasthan against a state proposal to shrink the area of its eco-sensitive zone. The sanctuary, which spans a 7.19 sq. km. area, has a major initiative underway by the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) to save raptors. The wildlife sanctuary's area cannot be decreased, according to a recent court judgment. About Tal Chhapar blackbuck sanctuary: It is situated in&nbs

Air Pollution and Public Health in South Asia

Air Pollution and Public Health in South Asia: World Bank Report Striking for Clean Air: Air Pollution and Public Health in South Asia is a recent report from the World Bank. The report explains how continuing to implement national policies as they have been (largely since 2018) will produce results, but not at the level desired. Major Findings India: There are six significant airsheds in India, some of which are shar


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