Police Reforms

Police Reforms Home Minister Amit Shah, who arrived on a two-day visit to Karnataka on Saturday, laid the foundation stone for establishing a unit of the Rapid Action Force (RAF) at Bhadravati in Shivamogga district. The RAF, the specialised wing of the Central Reserve Police Force, will be the first battalion of its kind in the State. The State government has provided the CRPF with 50.29 acres of land for the purpose. The unit at Bhadravati will cater to the needs of 39 districts spread

17 January, 2021

Judicial Activism and Marriage Laws

Judicial Activism and Marriage Laws The Allahabad High Court has ruled that the provision of publication of notice of intended marriage under the Special Marriage Act, 1954, is not mandatory. The court, in a significant judgment delivered on January 12, said making such publication mandatory “would invade the fundamental rights of liberty and privacy, including within its sphere the freedom to choose for marriage without interference from state and non-state actors, of the persons

14 January, 2021

Judicial Reforms

Judicial Reforms Justice Lokur discusses about the Judiciary and the Judicial Reforms needed for the country. Judges should not be “hypersensitive” about criticism. It was high time judges sat down for an introspection on what had gone wrong and what was to be done, he said. There should be a “robust, strong, uninhibited and informed criticism of the functioning of the judiciary”. #joinourtelegram# The Supreme Court has been at the centre of a furio

08 January, 2021

Reservation in promotion in public posts not a fundamental right: SC

Reservation in promotion in public posts not a fundamental right: SC GS-Paper-2 Reservation and Cremy layer issue (Mains-I.V) Context: The Supreme Court has recently ruled that the states are not bound to provide reservation in appointments and promotions and that there is no fundamental right to reservation in promotions. What has the court said? Reservation in promotion in public posts cannot be claimed as a fundamental right. Articles 16 (4)

25 December, 2020

Creamy layer principle in SC, ST quota-Nagraj case

Creamy layer principle in SC, ST quota-Nagraj case GS-Paper-2 Reservation and Cremy layer issue (Mains-I.V) Context: The Centre has urged the Supreme Court to refer to a larger Bench its decision last year that had applied the creamy layer principle to promotions for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in government jobs. What was the case about? In Jarnail Singh vs Lachhmi Narain Gupta (2018), the court dealt with a batch of appeals relating to two reference orders, first by a

25 December, 2020

Castes count-Reservation

Castes count-Reservation GS-Paper-2 Caste and Reservation-Social Issue (Mains-I.V) Context: A caste-wise survey helps gather quantifiable data, but the aim must be a casteless society. This topic is highly important for MAINS and Sociology students for UPSC mains. Why in News? The idea of a caste census is back in the realm of public debate, following the Tamil Nadu government’s decision to establish a commission to collect caste-wise data. The move may have bee

25 December, 2020

Cairn Energy wins arbitration award

Cairn Energy wins arbitration award India has been ordered to return up to $1.4 billion to Cairn Energy PLC of the U.K. after an international arbitration overturned tax demanded retrospectively — an award the government indicated it may challenge. The three­member tribunal, which also comprised a nominee of the Indian government, unanimously ruled that India’s claim of 10,247 crore in past taxes over a 2006­07 internal reorganisation of Cairn’s India business w

24 December, 2020

Right to Protest

Right to Protest The Supreme Court said farmers have a constitutional right to protest as long as their opposition against the three agricultural laws did not slip into violence. But the CJI said whether the farmers should be allowed into the city or not was a question best left to the police and not the court. The court reiterated its suggestion of forming a committee of experts in agriculture to hear both farmers and the Union government on the laws. Right to protest is a fun

21 December, 2020

43 more Mobile Apps banned

43 More Mobile Apps banned by India Recently, the government of India has blocked 43 new mobile apps, mostly Chinese, in the country, including shopping website AliExpress. This is in addition to a total of 177 Chinese apps banned till now. Key Points The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology banned these mobile apps under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act (IT Act), 2000. Section 69A of the Information Technology Act, 2000, was introduced by an amendment to

25 November, 2020

In- House Procedure Against Judges of Higher Judiciary

In- House Procedure Against Judges of Higher Judiciary What is in the News? Recently, in a letter to the Chief Justice of India (CJI), Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister has accused the Supreme Court judge, Justice N.V. Ramana and some judges of Andhra Pradesh (AP) High Court of misconduct, corruption and political bias. The allegation against the judges is unprecedented since it has been made publicly. What are the Issues Involved? The Constitution of India protects the ind

27 October, 2020

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