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Geo-heritage Sites and Geo-relics Bill 2022

Geo-heritage Sites and Geo-relics Bill, 2022 The Ministry of Mines recently gave notice of the proposed Geo-heritage Sites and Geo-relics (Preservation and Maintenance) Bill. Geo-heritage Sites and Geo-relics: The Law aims to establish the designation, preservation, protection, and upkeep of national geo-heritage sites and geo-relics for geological research, teaching, awareness, and study. 32 geo-heritage sites have been designated by the Geological Survey of India (GSI), including

Largest Rare Earth Elements Deposit in Europe

Largest Rare Earth Elements Deposit in Europe More than a million tonnes of rare earth oxides have recently been found in Northern Sweden by the state-owned mining corporation LKAB. About the discovery: Deposits of rare earth elements have been found near Kiruna, Sweden, in the Arctic. Europe doesn't mine any rare earth elements (REE), and instead largely imports them from other places. China supplied 98 percent of the rare earths that the European Union consumed. Th

Etalin Hydroelectric Project

Etalin Hydroelectric Project Recent non-compliance with the FAC's (Forest Advisory Committee )requirements and the massive opposition to the project in the area prompted the FAC to request that the Arunachal Pradesh government submit a new plan for forest diversion and the development of the Etalin hydropower project (EHEP). The strategy combined two run-of-the-river plans with little room for storage and called for concrete gravity dams on the Tangon and Dri rivers. Since it

Exports of sugar

Exports of sugar Indian sugar mills have contracts to export 55 lakh tonnes of sweetness, according to the Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA). In the marketing year 2022–2023, the government has permitted sugar mills to export 60 lakh tonnes of sugar through May. (October-September). About 50 million sugarcane farmers and about 5 lakh people who are directly engaged in sugar mills depend on the sugar industry, a significant agro-based sector, for their livelihood in rural area

Ganga Vilas River cruise

Ganga Vilas River cruise The longest river cruise in the world, the "Ganga Vilas," from Varanasi to Dibrugarh via Bangladesh, will take sail on January 13 with Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the master of ceremonies. The luxurious ship, which has room for 80 people, will travel 3200 kilometers in 50 days, traversing through 27 river systems in Bangladesh and India. Significance of the cruise: The Cruise will examine the enormous resources that our rich river system

Uranium Contamination in Groundwater

Uranium Contamination in Groundwater The Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) has produced a study titled "Groundwater yearbook 2021-2022" on the health of groundwater. Important Findings: In twelve Indian states, uranium levels in groundwater exceed permitted limits. In terms of the percentage of wells with uranium concentrations greater than 30 ppb, Punjab is the worst-affected state. Haryana is the second most contaminated state in terms of uranium in groundwa

Dams in Indian Territory

Dams in Indian Territory According to a United Nations (UN) research titled "Aging Water Infrastructure: An Emerging Global Risk," over 1,000 big dams in India would be around 50 years old by 2025, and comparable aging embankments around the world constitute an increasing concern. According to a United Nations research, around 3,700 dams in India may lose 26% of their entire storage by 2050 owing to sediment deposition, which might jeopardize future water security, irrigation,

Groundwater Protection

Groundwater Protection The United Nations-Water Summit on Groundwater 2022 emphasised the importance of groundwater in global food production and food security. Significant Highlights: The conference was hosted by UN-Water, UNESCO, and the International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre. The summit was organised to raise global awareness about groundwater conservation. It also marked the end of the UN-"Groundwater: Water's Making the Invisible Visible" campaig

Waste Water Management

Waste Water Management Nearly half, or 43%, of the world's rivers are contaminated with pharmaceutical active components at levels that could be fatal to human health. Waste water management and process controls must be given top priority by the pharmaceutical industry to reduce antibiotic contamination and antimicrobial resistance (AMR). In India's many states, notably in pharmaceutical centers like Himachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana, widespread pharmaceutical con

All about Droughts

All about Droughts A prolonged period of total dryness is called a drought. The globe over, it is possible. Uneven distribution, failing monsoons, and a lack of water are the causes of this. When there is nearly no water or very little water available owing to different factors such as insufficient precipitation, excessive water use, a high rate of evaporation, or excessive groundwater use, the situation is referred to as a "drought." When rain is absent or inadequate for an


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