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Prelims Test Series 2022

What is RAW?

  • Revise Analyse and Write is the upgraded version of Live MCQ test series.
  • The name Live MCQs originates from the unique pattern of Aspire IAS where Ankit Sir (Director of Aspire IAS) will make the questions himself according to the dynamicity of UPSC CSE Prelims 2015 to 2020.

What is new in RAW Prelims Live MCQ 2022?

  • This time in LIVE MCQ sessions, you shall get a printed Question paper dictated and made directly by Ankit Sir (450+ results, 15 years’ experience).
  • First you shall solve the Question paper within the 2-hour format as in the UPSC Prelims Examination 2022.
  • Then Ankit Sir will discuss all the 100 questions, which in fact are 100 different topics that UPSC IAS Examination asks in exam.
  • This discussion will go for around 4-5 hours and it will be like a Mini Crash Course cum Revision cum Discussion lecture.
  • So, in short if you give 15 Tests, it shall cover 1500 priority wise topics for UPSC Prelims 2022.
  • In every question paper you shall also get 20 Questions which are from UPSC Previous Year Question Papers because UPSC repeats some of its questions exactly.
  • Here you shall be able to understand in the discussion itself
    1. Where you went wrong?
    2. What prompted you to mark this answer?
    3. What should be your thought process in solving Prelims?
    4. What mistakes do you do while solving a Question?
    5. How to solve difficult and tricky questions?
  • All these tests and marks will be added to your WYBI driven profile so that you get the exact assessment of your level of preparation.

Why it is different from other Prelims test series?

Other Tests AspireIAS Live MCQ
Students and other staff makes the test. This compromises the quality of the test. Director Sir himself is going to make the Tests according to the Previous Year Questions paper trends.
Questions are more factual and application based (not according to current trends)

Questions are divided into 3 parts as per UPSC Exam Pattern

  1. 40 – Easy andConceptual.
  2. 40 – Moderate and Applied.
  3. 20 – Difficult and Surprising.
More focus on Quantity. 30-40 Tests. More focus on Quality. 9 Tests only. But of highest quality.
No revision or explanation of the Topic. Complete revision of the topic of the Question with the explanation of the Question.
You have to sit by yourself understanding why you made questions wrong. In-class assessment of the Test so that you analyse where you went wrong immediately and you can rectify it.
No Student specific analysis. WYBI driven student specific analysis. It will be added in your profile which will make you understand where you need to work.
No Priority wise Questions. Priority Topic wise test series.
raw prelims live mcq

Note: Every Test timing is 09:30 - 11:30AM. Dicussion will go live from 12 - 3.30 pm.

Test No. Date Subject Enroll Online
1 10th April,2022 Mapping & Geography

Prelims Test Series 2022: Test 1 - Mapping and Geography

NOW 300/-

2 17th April,2022 Environment

Prelims Test Series 2022: Test 2 - Environment

NOW 300/-

3 24th April, 2022 Science & Technology

Prelims Test Series 2022: Test 3 - Science and Technology

NOW 300/-

4 1st May,2022 Economy, Budget & Survey

Prelims Test Series 2022: Test 4 - Economy Budget and Survey

NOW 300/-

5 8th May,2022 India Year Book

Prelims Test Series 2022: Test 5 - India Year Book

NOW 300/-

6 15th May,2022 Polity & Governance

Prelims Test Series 2022: Test 6 - Polity and Governance

NOW 300/-

7 22nd May,2022 History- Ancient, Medieval & Modern

Prelims Test Series 2022: Test 7 - History- Ancient, Medieval and Modern

NOW 300/-

8 29th May,2022 Composite Paper-GS 1

Prelims Test Series 2022: Test 8 - Composite Paper-GS 1

NOW 300/-

9 29th May,2022 Composite Paper-CSAT

Prelims Test Series 2022: Test 9 - Composite Paper-CSAT

NOW 300/-


  • All the Tests have 100 MCQs on the pattern of UPSC Prelims examination.
  • All the Tests are inclusive of current news.
  • 60% of the questions are of UPSC pattern which needs conceptual clarity.
  • Discussion of each test will be in the form of Prelims crash course. 100 questions are equivalent to 100 topics and sub-topics. Students can complete the whole Prelims syllabus within 14 sessions
  • Tests can be written within the classroom or can be downloaded from the website www.aspireias.com
  • Discussion/Prelims crash course will be in Hybrid mode (Offline/Online).
  • Every answer sheet will be assessed with the AI driven WYBI application. WYBI assess the student’s strong and weak areas. Students can analyse their progress of performance with the help of their personalised WYBI application.


  • Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable in nature in all circumstances
  • Any violation of copyright law if observed, enrolment to the test series will be cancelled

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