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What is Practice Answer Training program?

The PAT program has been created by Aspire IAS to enhance writing skill with proper time management, conducted by Director Sir with experience of 15 years in writing skill. Our trained students easily score 450+ marks in GS. In this batch we are trying to give most probable question with answer.

Students must attend each session and answer the questions in real time. Each student receives the opportunity to read their answers aloud in class and receive feedback from Director Sir. The questions will be discussed on the same day.

Class 01 - Free

Why to join PAT?

  • Key – C – India Approach – Keyword Approach.

  • Learn the art of co-relation.

  • Enhance your analytical skills.

  • How to complete the answer in 7 and 11 minutes.

  • Content Development.

  • Recognize your loop holes and direct feedback.



2022 - AIR 177

Program features:

  • 120 – 150 most probable question.

  • 5 Days in a week class

  • One – 2 – One feedback

  • Coverage Of PYQ’s

  • Coverage of 2 years contemporary issues.

Mr. Ankitsir About our Director Sir
  • Ankit Sir has 16+ years of teaching experience. Under his guidance, UPSC Toppers like Nandini K R (Rank 1 - 2016) Reshma (IPS 2017), Vishal Singh (IFoS 2020), Vishal Narwade (IAS 2020 Batch), scored exceptionally well in Mains, which significantly contributed for their name in the final list.

  • Sir is renowned for his Gurukul teaching style within the classroom. Students are considered part of our family. Director Sir is easily accessible by students. The students are welcome to meet sir in regarding any academic or psychological counseling. He pays individual attention to every student.

What will you get from PAT?

  • Extensive practice for the upcoming Mains examination, including answer writing method, topic, and presentation of the answer. It gives edge to the students of Director Sir over the other candidates.

  • Stringent discipline and monitoring to ensure the aspirant does not waste the buffer period given by UPSC for Mains-2023.

  • Content development for writing a good answer.

  • Coverage of UPSC Paper I to IV.

  • Individual error detection and feedback for individual answer.

  • Discussion and paper feedback on same day.

Mode of the classes

Classes for this module will be HYBRID; online, offline and recorded.

“We aspire for our student’s results more than profits”-

—Director Sir

“Give your time, we can give your results”-

—Director Sir

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