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Practice Answer Training(PAT) (Daily Answer Writing Module)

One Class Free

One Class Free

What is Practice Answer Training programme?

PAT programme is the brainchild of Aspire-IAS started to improve the quality of answer writing among students and also to establish the discipline of writing 6 questions/day. Out of 6 questions, 3 questions will be given as homework and will be discussed in the next session.

Students have to attend each session and have to write the questions live within the stipulated time. Every student will be given the opportunity to read out their answers within the class and also to get the feedback from Director Sir. Discussion of the questions will be done on the same day.

Objectives of PAT programme

  • Practice Answer Training exercise

  • Writing sellable answers with efficiency

  • Content development among students

  • Error detection and quality improvement

Programme features.

  • Classes will be held 5 days in a week - Monday to Friday. (Class starts from 5th August).

  • Time 6:30pm to 9pm

  • Class duration are 2.5 Hours.

  • Free answer writing batch with only registration charges.

  • Each session, students are made to write 3 questions within the class within the stipulated time. Discussion of questions post the stipulated time gets over.

  • Homework of 3 questions to students will be provided. Discussion of these answers will be done in the next session.

  • Coverage of UPSC GS Mains papers I to IV.

  • Most probable questions for this UPSC Mains-2022-23 will be given for practice.

About our Director Sir

  • Sir has 14+ years of teaching experience. Under his guidance UPSC Toppers like Nandini K R (Rank 1 – 2016), Vishal Narwade (IAS 2020 Batch), Vishal Singh (IFoS 2020), Reshma (IPS 2017) have gotten excellent marks in Mains which helped them immensely to get into the final list.

  • He is known for his Gurukul style of teaching within the class. Students are seen as the part of our family. Director Sir is easily reachable by the students. Students are welcome to meet sir in case of any academic or psychological counselling. He pays individual attention to every student.

What can you get?

  • Substantial amount of practice for the upcoming Mains exam including the method of answer writing, content and presentation of the answer. It gives edge to the students of Aspire-IAS over the other candidates.

  • Can give you discipline like school education so that the students does not waste the buffer period given by UPSC for Pt-2023.

  • Content development for writing a good answer.

  • Coverage of UPSC Paper I to IV.

  • Individual error detection and feedback for individual answer.

  • Discussion and paper feedback on same day.

Mode of the classes

Classes will be conducted in both Hybrid and Recorded sessions.

Class schedule

Timing: 6:30pm to 9pm

Days: Monday to Friday

“We aspire for our student’s results more than profits”-

—Director Sir

“Give your time, we can give your results”-

—Director Sir

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