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1300-year-old Buddhist Stupa found in Odisha

1300-year-old Buddhist Stupa found in Odisha A 1,300-year-old stupa was recently found by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) in the Jajpur district of Odisha at a Khondalite mining site. That is where the Khondalite stones for the Puri, India, beautification project surrounding the Shree Jagannath Temple from the 12th century came from. What conclusions has the ASI reached? Initial evaluation revealed the stupa may be 4.5 metres tall and date to the 7th or 8th centur

06 March, 2023 GS-I Art and Culture

Menstrual leave 

Menstrual leave Menstrual leave for workers and students across the nation was the subject of a PIL that the Supreme Court declined to consider since it was a matter of policy. During a hearing on a case about menstrual leave, the Supreme Court of India instructed the petitioner to contact the Ministry of Women and Child Development to develop a policy. Facts of the Petition: In accordance with Section 14 of the Maternity Benefit Act of 1961, the petitioner asked the

03 March, 2023 GS-I Social issues

Right to protect Genetic Information

Right to protect Genetic Information Children have the right to prevent their genetic information from being disclosed in DNA tests without their permission, according to a decision by the Supreme Court of India. The Supreme Court also ruled that DNA tests on children should only be used as a last resort to prove infidelity. About the judgment: The decision was made in response to a petition that was submitted by a man who denied being the father of his second kid and accused

28 February, 2023 GS-I Social issues

Keeladi Findings

Keeladi Findings A report on the discoveries at the Keeladi site from the Sangam era was just released by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). A thorough report on the discoveries made during the first two phases of the excavation at the Sangam-era site and their relevance has been provided by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Also, the Keeladi Site Museum will soon be built in Sivaganga and will contain many of the more than 18,000 artefacts that have been discovered thus

28 February, 2023 GS-I Art and Culture


Mukaab The Mukaab, or "cube" in Arabic, is the name of Saudi Arabia's most recent, ambitious plan to reshape the country's capital city, Riyadh. About: As part of its Vision 2030, which aims to revolutionise the nation's economy and way of life, Saudi Arabia has planned and begun construction on a number of large-scale architectural projects, including The Mukaab. It will be 400 metres tall, 400 metres broad, and 400 metres long—enough space for

28 February, 2023 GS-I Art and Culture

Anubhuti Divyang Park

Anubhuti Divyang Park The foundation stone for Nagpur, Maharashtra's Anubhuti Inclusive Park, the largest and most distinctive Divyang Park in the world, was recently set by the Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways. More On the News: On the Pardi campus of Nagpur, Anubhuti Inclusive Park is being constructed for both impaired children and regular citizens. The goal is to spread the idea of inclusiveness throughout the nation and the entire planet. Featur

24 February, 2023 GS-I Social issues

Geo-heritage Sites and Geo-relics Bill 2022

Geo-heritage Sites and Geo-relics Bill, 2022 The Ministry of Mines recently gave notice of the proposed Geo-heritage Sites and Geo-relics (Preservation and Maintenance) Bill. Geo-heritage Sites and Geo-relics: The Law aims to establish the designation, preservation, protection, and upkeep of national geo-heritage sites and geo-relics for geological research, teaching, awareness, and study. 32 geo-heritage sites have been designated by the Geological Survey of India (GSI), including

18 February, 2023 GS-I Indian Geography

India's Urban Planning

India's Urban Planning For India's urban journey, urban planners recently emphasised the need for a multigenerational process. More on the news: According to the Economic Intelligence Unit's 2019 Global Liveability Index rankings, two of India's main cities, Mumbai and Delhi, are falling in the rankings. It evaluates livability in 140 cities. India has a population of 1210 million people in 2011 and a 31.1% urbanisation rate (Census of India 2011). Urbanizati

17 February, 2023 GS-I Human Geography


Quasicrystals In the Sand Hills in north-central Nebraska, USA, researchers have located a third naturally occurring source of quasicrystals. What are Quasicrystals? Quasicrystals are intriguing substances with an unusual confluence of features. They serve as evidence of the strength and beauty of asymmetry in the natural world. In contrast to conventional crystal: As opposed to conventional crystals, which have their atoms arranged in a set, repeated pattern, quasicr

16 February, 2023 GS-I Physical Geography

Lavani Dance

Lavani Dance Lavani dance has recently been the subject of controversy in the State of Maharashtra, as younger female dancers have been charged with vilifying the traditional folk art form. About Lavani: Lavani, which means "beauty" in Sanskrit, is a traditional folk art form in which female dancers perform on a stage in front of an audience while donning make-up, nine-yard-long sarees in vibrant colours, and ghunghroos (ankle bells). It became well-known during

16 February, 2023 GS-I Art and Culture

Earth's Inner Core

Earth's Inner Core According to recent research, the Earth's inner core may currently be revolving slower than the planet's surface after having stopped spinning faster than it. Findings: In the early 1970s, the inner core began rotating a little bit more quickly than the rest of the planet. However, it had been slowing before synchronizing with Earth's rotation in 2009. A "negative trend" has occurred, which indicates that the inner core is currentl

31 January, 2023 GS-I Physical Geography

Lake Chad Basin

Lake Chad Basin The risky connection between climate change and violence in nations like Cameroon, Chad, Niger, and Nigeria in the Lake Chad Basin has been underlined in a report by a humanitarian organisation. More about the news: Conflict and migration in the area are being fueled by droughts, flooding, and a decreasing Lake Chad. According to a report by Refugees International, communities are becoming tenser and individuals are being displaced as a result of shrinking

30 January, 2023 GS-I Physical Geography

 Thailand  Corals Getting Destroyed

Thailand Corals Getting Destroyed According to recent reports, Thailand's enormous tracts of the ocean floor are being destroyed by a condition known as yellow band disease that is fast spreading. The reefs may be more susceptible to yellow-band disease as a result of overfishing, pollution, and rising water temperatures brought on by climate change. More on the news: The corals' colour changes to yellow just before they are killed. It was initially disco

28 January, 2023 GS-I Physical Geography

Green Comet

Green Comet After 50,000 years, the Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF), sometimes known as the "Green Comet," is now approaching Earth. More on the news: The US-based Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTFwide-field )'s survey camera made the initial discovery of the comet in March 2022. Following its first discovery by the Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF), the comet was named C/2022 E3 (ZTF). It is currently travelling away from the sun along its own orbit after coming close to it i

28 January, 2023 GS-I Physical Geography

Jagannath Temple

Jagannath Temple Odisha Governor Ganeshi Lal recently entered a topic that has raged for decades and occasionally sparked controversy by supporting the admission of foreign nationals into the renowned Jagannath Temple in Puri. Only Hindus are currently permitted inside the temple to make prayers to the gods inside the sanctum sanctorum. Why are non-Hindus prohibited from entering the Jagannath Temple? Despite the lack of an obvious justification, it has been a tradition fo

27 January, 2023 GS-I Art and Culture

Women in Command Roles of the Indian Army

Women in Command Roles of the Indian Army The Indian army elevated female commanders to commanding positions within their respective arms and services for the first time. This choice would also encourage more women to enlist in the Indian Army, which will worsen the gender pay gap and support the organization's efforts to foster diversity and inclusivity. About the news: A crucial development for the first time, the Indian Army qualified 108 women officers to lead troops

27 January, 2023 GS-I Social issues

Buddhist Monastery Found in Bharatpur

Buddhist Monastery Found in Bharatpur The Structural Complex of the Buddhist Monastery was uncovered in the recent digs in continuity with the massive stupa, black and red ware pottery, and sculptures recovered from excavation done at the same site in West Bengal fifty years ago. More on the news: The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) discovered a large Monastery complex during an excavation in the Paschim Bardhaman region of West Bengal. A small circular construction a

25 January, 2023 GS-I Art and Culture

Issues faced by Women in Sports 

Issues faced by Women in Sports Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, head of the WFI (Wrestling Federation of India), has recently been accused of sexual harassment by some athletes. If WFI does not respond to the Sports Ministry's request for an explanation within 72 hours, the Ministry will move to take action against the Federation in accordance with the 2011 National Sports Development Code's provisions. About allegation: Between 2010 and 2020, the SAI (Sports Aut

24 January, 2023 GS-I Social issues

Ahom Burial Mounds in Assam

Ahom Burial Mounds in Assam The Charaideo Maidams in Assam has just been selected as a candidate for the UNESCO World Heritage Center by the Union Government. More on the news: From among the 52 locations across the nation seeking for the World Heritage Site tag, The Prime Minister chose Maidams mound burial site of Assam. A team of the UNESCO National Heritage Committee would visit Assam in September to inspect the Maidams and take a decision in March next year. There

24 January, 2023 GS-I Art and Culture

Etalin Hydroelectric Project

Etalin Hydroelectric Project Recent non-compliance with the FAC's (Forest Advisory Committee )requirements and the massive opposition to the project in the area prompted the FAC to request that the Arunachal Pradesh government submit a new plan for forest diversion and the development of the Etalin hydropower project (EHEP). The strategy combined two run-of-the-river plans with little room for storage and called for concrete gravity dams on the Tangon and Dri rivers. Since it

19 January, 2023 GS-I Indian Geography

Thiruvalluvar Day

Thiruvalluvar Day On Thiruvalluvar Day, Union Minister for Home and Cooperation extends warm greetings to the people. The way to a devout life has been illuminated for ages by the divine wisdom and life teachings imparted by Thiruvalluvar. The first Thiruvalluvar Day celebration took place on 17th-18th May 1935. It is currently celebrated as part of Pongal celebrations and is often observed in Tamil Nadu on either January 15 or January 16. Regarding Thiruvalluvar:

18 January, 2023 GS-I Art and Culture

Exports of sugar

Exports of sugar Indian sugar mills have contracts to export 55 lakh tonnes of sweetness, according to the Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA). In the marketing year 2022–2023, the government has permitted sugar mills to export 60 lakh tonnes of sugar through May. (October-September). About 50 million sugarcane farmers and about 5 lakh people who are directly engaged in sugar mills depend on the sugar industry, a significant agro-based sector, for their livelihood in rural area

18 January, 2023 GS-I Indian Geography

Harvest Festivals in India

Harvest Festivals in India In recent years, the harvest holidays like Lohri, Makar Sankranti, and Pongal have been celebrated nationwide. Various harvest festivals celebrated all over India: Lohri: Sikhs and Hindus tend to celebrate Lohri the most. It signals the end of winter and is seen as the arrival of the sun in the northern hemisphere. This occasion is celebrated with a Puja Parikrama (revolve) around the bonfire and prasad the night before Makar Sankranti. It is r

16 January, 2023 GS-I Art and Culture

Largest Rare Earth Elements Deposit in Europe

Largest Rare Earth Elements Deposit in Europe More than a million tonnes of rare earth oxides have recently been found in Northern Sweden by the state-owned mining corporation LKAB. About the discovery: Deposits of rare earth elements have been found near Kiruna, Sweden, in the Arctic. Europe doesn't mine any rare earth elements (REE), and instead largely imports them from other places. China supplied 98 percent of the rare earths that the European Union consumed. Th

14 January, 2023 GS-I Indian Geography

Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda

Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda Every year on January 12th, Swami Vivekananda's birth anniversary is commemorated as National Youth Day. About Swami Vivekananda: On January 12, 1863, he was born in Calcutta to a Bengali family and was given the name Narendranath Datta. In his honor, the Indian government designated his birthday National Youth Day in 1984. He had an early interest in Western philosophy, history, religion, spirituality, and theology. He was w

12 January, 2023 GS-I Modern History

National Commission for Protection of Child Rights

National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) On January 12th, the National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights, which was established in 2007 under the Commission for the Protection of Child Rights Act of 2005, celebrated its 18th Foundation Day. To completely devote this anniversary to children, the Commission conducted a Quiz on the occasion of National Youth Day (Swami Vivekananda Jayanti) to raise awareness about child rights among youngsters. It is a pl

11 January, 2023 GS-I Social issues

Uranium Contamination in Groundwater

Uranium Contamination in Groundwater The Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) has produced a study titled "Groundwater yearbook 2021-2022" on the health of groundwater. Important Findings: In twelve Indian states, uranium levels in groundwater exceed permitted limits. In terms of the percentage of wells with uranium concentrations greater than 30 ppb, Punjab is the worst-affected state. Haryana is the second most contaminated state in terms of uranium in groundwa

11 January, 2023 GS-I Indian Geography

UN Reports on Child Mortality

UN Report on Child Mortality Global studies on child mortality and stillbirths have been released to show if India is doing enough to ensure the health and survival of every kid. The United Nations Inter-Agency Group for Child Mortality Estimation (UN IGME) published two global studies on child mortality (Levels and Trends in Child Mortality) and stillbirths (Never Forgotten) Findings of the Report: Rate of child mortality (under-five mortality rate): It is the probabilit

11 January, 2023 GS-I Social issues

Dams in Indian Territory

Dams in Indian Territory According to a United Nations (UN) research titled "Aging Water Infrastructure: An Emerging Global Risk," over 1,000 big dams in India would be around 50 years old by 2025, and comparable aging embankments around the world constitute an increasing concern. According to a United Nations research, around 3,700 dams in India may lose 26% of their entire storage by 2050 owing to sediment deposition, which might jeopardize future water security, irrigation,

10 January, 2023 GS-I Indian Geography

Ganga Vilas River cruise

Ganga Vilas River cruise The longest river cruise in the world, the "Ganga Vilas," from Varanasi to Dibrugarh via Bangladesh, will take sail on January 13 with Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the master of ceremonies. The luxurious ship, which has room for 80 people, will travel 3200 kilometers in 50 days, traversing through 27 river systems in Bangladesh and India. Significance of the cruise: The Cruise will examine the enormous resources that our rich river system

09 January, 2023 GS-I Indian Geography



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